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My friend John and I have been best friends through high school. We are both in our 40's now, both married and both have children. John and I still go to the camp every few weekends. Our wives let us do so they have some relief from us. They are unaware of things John and I do at the camp. Several years ago we found out that we could have lots of fun with each other sexually.

This weekend we were planning to go to the camp, his 13 year old daughter, Sue decided she wanted to go with us. She has never wanted to go before. She is a tom boy and wears baggy clothes all of the time and tries to act like she is a boy. John tells me she wants to come to the camp with us. I tell him I have no problem with it, we will just have to cool it on our activities.

Well we got the boat ready and went to the camp. John's daughter was dressed in her thug looking crap as normal. She is really a nice kid though. We arrived at the camp and unloaded everything. It was in July and very hot. We cranked up the AC and cooled the camp down. John was messing around with some of his things and I was fixing my fishing pools. I asked John if he wanted to go fishing and he said he would but later and that he would call my cell if he decides he wants to go. Sue asked if she could come because she likes to fish and wanted to get some sun. Sue said she wanted to put her bathing suit on. She went inside for a while and then came out and said she was ready. She still had her thug shit on.

Sue and I left and went in the oil field canal that is behind our camp. When we finally got to the back of the canal, we started fishing. At first we were both fishing and caught a few. The fish slacked off from bitting so Sue said she was going to get some sun. I was still fish and saw her start taking off her thug clothes but didn't pay any more attention to her.

After a while, I turned around to put a fish in the live well and almost fell out of the boat. I lost my breath and couldn't believe my eyes. Sue was laying there in a very small bikini and had the body of a grown woman and she was just 13 years old. Sue was laying on her stomach and had the ass of a race horse. Sue was laying on top of the live well hatch. I asked her to scoot over and she stood up to move to the other side of the seat pole. When she stood up, I was speachless. Sue had some of the firmest and pretties tit's I have ever seen in a bikini. I guess she could see my face was flush and asked me what was wrong. I told her that I had no idea she was built like that because of the clothes she normally wears.

She said she wears the baggy clothes so the boys don't hit on her at school. From the tan that she had, it appears she lays out quit a bit. Sue asked me if I would put some oil on her back. Man, this made me nervous and I was sweating like you don't know what. She handed me the oil and I started putting it on her back. When I was finished with her back, she asked me to put it on her legs too. I started putting it on her legs but didn't want to get too close to her fine ass. She told me I could put it all the way up to her bikini bottom. She said go on, I don't bite. I couldn't believe this was a 13 year old girl. I rubbed the oil in all the way to her bikini bottom with was about half way up her ass. Some of the cheeks were hanging out. This girls ass was very firm. I guess because of the sports she plays.

I going to tell you, my dick was hard as a rock. I kept having to hide it from her when she would turn to look at me. After I finished putting the oil on, I went back to the front of the boat to fish some more and try to get rid of my hard dick. Finally my dick went back down and I continued to fish. After a while, I could hear her moving around and saw that she had untied her bikini top but was still laying on her stomach. Sue asked me if it was all right that she had untied her bikini top. I couldn't believe I told her this but I said, I don't care if you get naked. Sue asked if any boats ever come to the location where we are. I told her the canal is a private canal and the only way in and out of it is by our camp.

I then started fishing again. After a while I caught another fish and went to put it in the live well and fell in the bottom of the boat. I couldn't believe my eyes, Sue, my best friends daughter was laying there in the sun buck ass naked. Sue asked if I was all right. I said yes that she had just surprised me. Sue said well you told me you didn't care if I got naked. She then rolled over onto her back when I was fixing to put the fish in the live well. She had the pinkest nipples and pussy lips I have ever seen. Sue then smiled and said did I do that. I realized she was looking at my pants and my dick was sticking straight out. She asked if I wanted to put some oil on her. I couldn't say anything, I was speachless.

Sue's legs were spead slightly apart and I could see her hairless pussy just looking at me. From the way she was laying I was standing by her feet. I grabbed the bottle of oil and started rubbing it on her legs. She spread them some more because I was now on my knees between them rubbing one at a time. I guess I actually made it to one of her knees with the oil and looked down at that pretty pussy. I just couldn't help myself, I grabbed her legs and pushed them apart. I layed down and put my face right in her pussy.
Sue asked Mr. C what are you going to do. I didn't say anything, I just started eating. Man, her pussy smelled and taste very good. Before I knew it, she was moaning and grabbed my head and was pushing it in her pussy.

I ate it for a while and made her come about a 100 times. Juices were just flowing out of her pussy like a faucet. My dick was so hard it was hurting. I pulled my dick out and she started begging me to fuck her. I put my dick in that little tight pussy and just started banging it. At first she said it hurt but I couldn't control myself. That pussy felt so tight and so good, it wasn't long before started to cum. I pulled out and started shooting come all over her stomach. I came so hard, some of it hit her in the face. She surprised me and started wipping it up with her hand and licking it off.

After I came, I just rolled over on my back beside her trying to catch my breath. My mind started going wild thinking, oh shit, I just fucked my best friends 13 year old daughter. He is going to kill me and have me thrown in jail. I was fixing to jump up and grabbed my clothes when Sue climbed on top of me and started kiss me like a grown woman. She Said she has never felt so good in her life. She said she has always had a crush on me. Sue then made her way down my body and started sucking my dick which had gone soft. It didn't take but a second and it was hard again.

Sue sucked my dick like a grown woman would. I couldn't believe how good she was. She kept sucking and I could feel I was about to come again. I told Sue I was about to come and she started sucking it harder. I started shooting again and she swallowed every drop. When she was finished licking all the cum off of my dick, she layed back on top of me and asked what did I think. I told her that, that was the best blow job I have ever had. I asked her how did she learn to do that. She just said she has sucked a few dicks in the last couple of years.

We both jumped into the water, cleaned off and went back to the camp. John was there taking a nap. Sue and I got something to eat and started watching TV. While sitting there watching TV, Sue reached over and grabbed my dick and said she wanted to suck it again. Her dad was on the sofa sleeping and we were sitting right across from him. I told her no way with her dad there. She kept messing with my dick and got me rock hard again. Before I could do anything, she had pulled my dick out and was sucking on it. I don't know how my dick got hard because all I could do was see her dad waking up and killing me. Sue kept sucking it and I guess with the thought of getting caught, caused my balls to burst. I shot so much cum out, she couldn't swallow it fast enough. Some of the cum ran down her face. She just wipped it up with her hand and licked it off.

This happened several more times while at the camp. I don't know how we never got caught.


Mother flashes son

Mother son incest written by man but made for a womam

Ok my story goes back a ways, at least to the point where I started having sex with my 14 year old son, I was 36 at the time and I know that its “wrong” but hey, we all come from different situations in life and this is how it started for me.

My husband worked for the auto industry back when that industry was strong. One of the little known facts about line workers in the auto industry is that the job is horribly monotonous and most of the workers deal with it by becoming drunks. I wish I could say my husband had risen above that or had somehow beaten the odds but he joined the ranks like so many other of his co-workers and became a drunk. My husbands name is Rick and with all the imagination of the world, our sons name became Rickie, so here’s “my side”

By the time Rickie had turned 14 my husbands drinking had gotten to the point where he would come home from work and get drunk. By this point he was passing out drunk in the livingroom. He had gained more weight then I had with me only being 36 at the time, I had little Rickie when I was 22 and we were newlyweds with Rick having a “good job” Well my husband had gained enough weight that I simply could not carry him to bed by myself and for some damnable reason I never thought to just let him sleep in the living room where he passed out.

The first time it was purely by accident, my husband had long since lost his sex drive to the bottle and I had been trying to spark it up at least some by wearing sexy nighties to bed, we are talking totally see through types that showed off my C cups to a rather nice advantage but I had been suffering in solitude for some time before this all began. I had my nightie on and my husband was passed out drunk and there was no waking him. I wrapped my bathrobe around me nice and tight to avoid letting “anything show” and got Rickie to help me haul his father upstairs to bed.

Now obviously at 14 my son had not developed any tact whatsoever so while we were hauling our dead weight through the house I noticed that his eyes were glued to my breasts, no effort put in hiding what he was staring at. I was furious with my husband enough at the time that I ignored it. We got my husband to the bed and without thinking I climbed up on the bed to pull while my son who was stronger than me picked up most of his dads weight and allowed me to pull him onto the bed. Now I saw Rickie looking down my top while I crawled backwards with his dad. At this point I was already ignoring his stares so I figured that I’d let it go for the night.

After Rickie had left the room I got a hand mirror from the master bath and did a little check. I looked in the mirror and saw that the way I had my robe on it hugged the outsides of my breasts. In mimicking the way we moved him I could see that my breasts were swaying back and forth quite a bit, I guess he did get a bit of a show, then I remembered the bed. I got back on my hands and knees on the bed with a hand mirror and tried to get an idea of what little Rickie had seen, oh my god. My breasts were hanging down in full view. I reproduced the effort of swaying back and forth like I had been while pulling my drunk hubby and my breasts were slapping each other silly back and forth. What’s more depending on the angle of the mirror it was entirely possible that my son may have actually seen some hair sticking out down there. I had not yet developed my middle age paunch that would have hidden my triangle of hair from that angle.

At first my stomach did flips, I could not believe that I had so carelessly exposed myself to my son like that. Then while laying down next to my passed out hubby in my sheer nightie it also dawned on me that little Ricky was the only person to have shown any interest in what I had hidden in years really. I really did not sleep well that night at all, just too many emotions but I do have a clear memory of what emotion won out. Anger at my husband for becoming a drunk, anger at being ignored, frustration, the sexual kind, anger at my husband for being the kind of drunk that has to be hauled off to bed by his 14 year old son. I think that this was the point more instinctive then anything at that point where I decided that if my husband wanted the bottle more than me and my son wanted to look. My quiet revenge would be to let him look.

The next night and every night after my husband repeated that ritual, the only change was the weekends when he was off. Then he just drank more.

The next night I was still feeling angry and ashamed but I still wasn’t totally sure about my son either. So, at bedtime when it was apparent that we were going to have to carry him again I got dressed, this time I put on panties, I was not so far gone as to want to show him that for gods sake. But I also tied my robe up and this time pulled it open more at the top to see if he would try looking down my top. To my relief and disappointment he showed no interest. At the bed I told him that it was his turn to pull and mine to lift, god I almost destroyed my back lifting him just to avoid letting my son see a little cleavage.

That is when I more clearly formed the idea in my mind that my quiet revenge against my husband would be to let our son steal glances at what his father was ignoring.. The next night and for the rest of the week I dressed just as I had the first night, except that I did wear my panties.
And that I always did the dragging on the bed while Rickie did the lifting, and without fail every single night little Ricky stared right at my breasts as they swayed back and forth under my robe. He never failed to look down my top as I drug his father backwards on the bed, it got to the point where I would intentionally swing them just to watch his eyes track their movement. I kept rationalizing my actions by telling myself that all he had to do was stay sober enough to walk himself to bed and then his wife would not be on display to their son. If it did happen, it wasn’t often enough to make a mark in my memory

Well the Saturday drink fest came and I was getting more and more angry at my hubby. So much so that when it came time to drag his limp body to bed I decided to raise it up a notch. Not by much really, just that I tied my robe a little be lower on my hips and loosened the top a bit more, just a bit more than I had the second day. Now that Ricky was obviously leering at his mother virtually every night. It did not take long at all for Ricky to realize the change and in no time at all he was standing taller and lifting more of his father, also standing closer to me in the process while looking down my top. That first night that I did that was INCREDIBLE, I had to back up like always while dragging drunk hubby and I now knew that from my sons position that my breasts were basically openly exposed. The top fell forward, the nightie fell forward and I could feel cooler air on them as they slapped back and forth while I crawled backward. That night was the closest I came again to the kind of shame I felt on the first night, but the feeling of revenge was still just as strong so I knew right there that I wasn’t going to stop.

Drunk Mom and I - 4
What Jimmy and I had done with my Mom while she was drunk and passed out on the sofa, was enough to keep me sexually fueled for weeks. Dad came home on schedule, and I resumed my boring life, except in my room when I slipped into Dreamland With Mom mode and whacked off. Suddenly the girls at school meant nothing to me and seemed so thin, immature and definitely not sexy. Every time I caught myself glancing at their boobs I only saw my Mom’s luscious heavy breasts.

Every time Jimmy and I talked about it we descended into excited whispers about how my Mom got us both turned on without even knowing it. Jimmy said it was like having our own fuck slave. We both wanted it all to happen again.
Mom was totally normal at home for the first day or two after, then seemed to be a little edgy. She was abrupt with my Dad a lot. I thought it was probably because she couldn’t drink much when he was there. I started to measure the gin bottle and concluded that she took some every day. She was often on the sofa dozing when I arrived home after school or upstairs in her bedroom lying down. Jimmy made it a habit to walk home with me and check her out before going home himself. Every time he did I could see his cock bulging as he talked to her. And he was always careful to be so polite to her too. He said he couldn’t look at her without seeing her bare tits and pretty little bush.

One morning she told me that Dad would be away overnight and said she’d make something nice for dinner or we could go out. The ideas that surfaced in my mind had nothing to do with dinner or going out. I opted to stay in. As I left that morning for school, she called after me and said that I could have Jimmy stay over if I liked, or another friend maybe. Whatever I wanted. I wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but I was overly excited all day at school. I avoided Jimmy most of the day because I wasn’t sure what to do. Did I invite him over to fuck my Mom again or keep her all to myself? I kind of wanted to have her in the bed and lie beside her and then just fuck her when I felt like it. Jimmy finally caught up with me and the image of her sucking his cock overwhelmed me.
“Hey, Terry, what’s up?”
“Been lookin’ for you, Jimmy,” I lied, “Where you been?”
“Everywhere. Here there. How’s Mom?” He grinned. I thought he had a permanent hard-on for her now.
“Mom’s fine. Wanna stay over tonight? Dad’s gonna be away.”
“Man, you don’t need to ask twice. I’m there.”
He rubbed his crotch lustily. I left him in the hallway smiling broadly. We walked home after school and Jimmy intended to come back later. Mom wasn’t downstairs. She had prepared two salads for us for dinner with cold chicken. I assumed she was out shopping. Jimmy left saying he was already crazy for tonight.

I went up to my room but on the way I saw her bedroom door half open. Looked in and was in an immediate state of arousal. I just sighed at the sight. Mom was lying on her bed face down. Naked. The towel she had had over her was on the floor looking damp. A glass beside her. She was facing away from me. I could hear her evenly breathing.
I breathed softly, thinking, Is she drunk or what? I hoped she was but thought she might be just dozing, I had to be super careful. Yet there is an empty glass there. What a fucking body. I loved the way her waste tucked in to give her such a great ass. I fuckin LOVE you, Mom, I thought. I wondered if she had been drinking all day. Slowly approached her. My pulse racing. Looked down at her. What a round ass. And her pussy slit and hairs were visible. She was angled on the bed with her legs stretched out, feet sort of hanging off one side and her head to the other. The pillows beside her. I whispered softly, “Mom? You sleeping?”

No response. I repeated a little louder. Nothing but breathing. Finally reached forward and touched her ankle. Just more soft breathing. I laid my hand on her bum. My cock was bulging to get out. I pulled slowly at her right leg to spread her a bit. She must have come out of the bath, the towel was damp. I left it on a chair. Now my cock was out and bursting, like it could sense things like this on its own. I got on my knees and pressed my face into the vee of her legs. I licked up and down her crack, letting my tongue enter her pussy through her dark pubic hair. Softly pulled at the other leg. I slid my tongue in and began licking her pussy and clit. Mom seemed more aware or something because she started making little movements back to my mouth. I slowly pulled her back a bit more and pulled the pillows under her stomach. Now her ass was raised. I looked at her fabulous pussy, licking it slowly.
I thought she had the most beautiful cunt ever. So pink and wet. I needed to fuck her, slid onto the bed with my stiff cock aimed. Slowly positioned myself behind her and started rubbing my cockhead on her pussy lips. Mom seemed to be beginning to breath harder. I slowly slid into her. Just holding there. She was twitching slightly and driving me insane and I began fucking her.

Mom’s eyes stayed closed but she was breathing erratically now and actually pushing back onto my hard cock. I was trying to be slow but Mom moved up a bit so her rear was higher and easier for me. She began to moan softly, fucking back, I was in paradise!
I was now gripping her hips plunging fully into her. She was moaning with each stroke but still had her eyes closed. I wanted her to orgasm too, if she ever awoke and caught me doing this, I thought, I wanted her to be under such a sexual spell that she couldn’t stop either. I came, barely suppressing my own grunts, and then pulled out.

Wow, was all I could say. Mom sunk back into the bed and stayed motionless, her legs still spread apart. I didn’t know what she would do now, maybe sleep more but maybe not. I just knew I needed to fuck her ten thousand more times.
Jimmy was coming back at about seven o’clock. We had agreed to play it by ear. I saw a new bottle if gin under the sink. I showered and had some of the chicken. Was eating when Mom came downstairs, now in her robe, tightly tied. I startled and knew my face must be beet red.
“Didn’t wait for me, Son? Was I out like a light?”
I stammered, “You were sleeping, Mom, so I wasn’t sure.” Damn she wasn’t even aware I had fucked her again? She sat at the table and we made small conversation over the food. I admired her lovely face. Her crisp nose and dark dishevelled hair. How her eyes were so sexy without her even trying. She asked if anyone was going to stay over and I told her Jimmy would be here later. She smiled with that and said he seemed like such a polite young man. She remarked also that I seemed to be growing up so fast. I was now a man too. And so strong to have carried her into the house that night after the party. I had not thought she’d remembered anything and my face reddened with the thought of what I had done just before. She smiled and kissed me as she cleared away the dishes. I volunteered to load the dishwasher and clean up if she wanted to watch tv or anything. Mom left the kitchen and disappeared upstairs for awhile. I hoped she was getting herself a drink. I also hoped we might be fucking her again tonight if she got drunk, although she hadn’t seemed drunk at suppertime.

She eventually came back down and settled into the sofa. Had a drink with her. She just flicked channels on the TV then left the travel channel on. I pretended to be reading a book for school but she looked so sexy I could only watch her. Taking every opportunity to check out her legs or the skin in the vee of her robe top.
The doorbell chimed. Jimmy arrived and he had our school chum Harold with him. Harold was a tall skinny guy who didn’t have too many friends, but we liked him ok. I gave Jimmy a questioning look and said hey to Harold. They came in and said hi to Mom. I noticed then that she seemed more drunk all of a sudden. We all sat around the living room chatting while it got dark outside. Or pretending to chat while we watched Mom have a few more drinks. She only asked if they were both staying the night. And seemed comfortable that they were. I took Jimmy aside and asked what Harold was doing here, he said he just appeared as he was outside.
“You didn’t tell him what we did, did you?”
“Well just that your Mom had fabulous sexy body. And that I wanted to fuck her. Then he just wanted to see her too.”
“Ok. We’ll wait until he leaves then.”

We returned to the living room and Harold was eyeing her pretty good. Her legs were out of the robe as she curled them on the sofa and from the floor you would have been able to see right up there. Harold was way slumped over and I knew he was trying for a peek. She was closing her eyes now as she drifted off a bit. We kept our conversation low and turned the TV volume down more. I had wanted Harold to leave but now I didn’t care if he stayed. I was proud of Mom and it turned me on too by having him lusting for her like that.
I was sitting in a chair beside her, Jimmy had grabbed the other side of the sofa to sit and Harold was across from her. Now I could see Jimmy’s cock bulging as he leaned back so he touched Mom’s legs. She was breathing evenly now and her pretty head rested on the back of the sofa. Jimmy daringly pulled out his hard thick cock and pulled at her robe until one part fell open to reveal her silken white thighs. We waited, holding our breath. I motioned to Harold to not say anything. Mom just remained where she was but Jimmy moved closer, pulled slowly at her top until it also was open enough to have three young guys grinning at how beautiful her tits were! Like out of a magazine and these had no silicon either. They were just heavy lusty breasts. Harold sighed. His cock was bulging too and it seemed huge until he took it out and confirmed that it WAS huge. It moved when it throbbed.
Mom stretched out along the sofa, her eyes still closed, but now we all moved closer on the floor. I began fondling her breasts. It was like worshiping our very own sex Goddess. Mom stretched out more and now Jimmy moved one leg apart and started kissing her pussy and Harold and I kissed her breasts.
I undid her tie and pulled her robe completely apart now, even slipped it off her shoulders. She was completely naked for us now. We were all fondling her when she opened her eyes.
“What are you boys doing to me?”

We all stopped. Frozen with fear. Jimmy had his face between her legs and just looked up at her with wide eyes. I was scared but just couldn’t let go of her breast and Harold just sat there as she saw his cock pulsing.
Mom’s face slowly developed into a smile. “I didn’t ask anyone to stop, only what you were up to. Naughty boys.”
“Mom, I ...”
Jimmy always knew what to say, “Mrs. Parker, you were so beautiful we couldn’t resist touching you.”
“You know that this can be seen as a very bad thing for you boys to be doing to me, don’t you?”
“Mom, we didn’t mean to ... “
”Yes you did. The first time was an accident. The second time before you brought me into the house was no accident.”
“Gawd Mom, you knew?”
She reached a hand down and began caressing Jimmy’s hair and pulling his head closer. She pulled me close to her breast. I began sucking her nipple.
“Do you think you know what to do to a woman like me then? “
”Mom, you are the most sexy woman ever.” She threw her robe aside and now stretched languidly on the sofa, displaying her Goddess white body to us all. “Thank you, Son, and who is this boy.”
“I’m Harold, Ma’am.”
“You sure are Harold, come closer.”
Harold moved close until Mom gripped his large cock and began stroking it. His cock head was huge and pink. I could feel its heat myself.
Jimmy spoke, “We had fantasies about you, Mrs Parker. About you being our sex slave. We couldn’t help ourselves.”
“Our Goddess.” I added.
“Maybe you boys will be MY sex slaves.” And she pulled Harold closer by his cock and placed her mouth over the knob, sucking it steadily right away. He was delirious with pleasure. She pulled Jimmy into her too and opened her legs for him, forcing his mouth onto her delicious pussy. I continued sucking one breast and caressing the other.
“If anyone ever finds out about this you’ll never have it again. Do yo all understand that?”

“Yes Ma’am!” we all said in unison.
“Okay, Son, now you are going to fuck me and look right into my face. No more pretending.”
My heart was pounding and she moved Jimmy away and fell back on the sofa while pulling me atop her. My cock was like a hard rock as I centered on her and slowly pushed it in. She gripped my hips and pulled me to her. Forcing my cock completely into her juicy pussy. Her naked body was incredibly beautiful. As good as any Playmate. We fucked for a few moments with her looking into my eyes and smiling with pleasure, her legs wrapped around my waste and her heels digging into my back, spurring me on.Then she had Jimmy move up to suck her breasts and Harold tried to control himself with her lips on his huge cock again but he couldn’t and came in a loud grunting noise. Mom bucked and moaned aloud now, fucking me hard and fast until I couldn’t hold back at all and gushed my load into her.
She grinned and said, “That leaves you, Jimmy, you ready? I expect you to incite these two into more by your performance.”
“Gawd Mrs Parker, you are a dream.”

Mom twisted on the sofa until she was on her elbows and knees. Jimmy slid in behind her and pressed his thick cock into her. She began to ride it slowly. Letting out a moan as she orgasmed in a long sigh. “Don’t stop, Jimmy. Don’t stop now.”
“No Ma’am.” He grinned and kept fucking her. Harold was in a trance, just watching, his cock now up again and he tried crawling under her belly to lick her pussy. Jimmy sped up and couldn’t hold off any longer, coming with a loud cry. “Oooohhhhh gawd!”
She grinned and turned to sit normally on the sofa again. She was smiling with pleasure as we were, in effect, all worshiping our sex Goddess. Then she made Harold sit on the sofa, while she sat atop him with her back to him and began delicately lowering herself onto his cock, Jimmy and I watching with wide eyes as it entered her. Then she was riding the cock slowly up and down. “Jimmy, you love eating pussy, so you come here and kneel so you can practice.”

Jimmy got the idea right away and planted himself between her legs and started licking her wet pussy while Harold’s cock was pumping in it. Jimmy had perfect access to her sexy big clit. She beckoned me to come up on the sofa and sit on the back while she stroked my cock into a hardness again. “I want to suck off my wonderful Son every day before school. I love sucking cocks most of all.” She took my cock into her mouth.
It was the most exciting vision as I looked down on my own Mom’s lovely face as she sucked my cock all the way in, giving me long strokes in and out and moaning softly as she did. Her lips and mouth and tongue felt fabulous. She kept flicking her tongue under my cock head and she made slurping noises as she took it all into her throat and out again.
"Wow, Mom, and I thought you only did this drunk."

She smiled at me, handed me the glass of gin from the side table and said, "Sip."
It was water.

The afternoon faded into evening as we all took turns fucking her, eating delivery pizza, licking her pussy or wiping her down with cool towels as she sucked our cocks and fucked us dry. Jimmy said she could look forward to sucking our cocks forever if she liked.
We all finally fell asleep together on that worn out sofa with smiling faces while cuddling my beautiful sexy Mom in our arms, who we were now complete and utter slaves to, and who worshiped her as our very own sex Goddess.

The future looked bright and exciting for all of us. And since that day, my wonderful sexy Mom has hardly drank at all.
My fantasies AND wishes were all coming true.

True Story.

It took months for me to build up the courage to finally say "Fuck it, I want to taste cock and get fucked". Until this moment I had done everything to simulate the experience. Practicing on dildos no longer satisfied me. I needed something hot in me. I needed to feel a cock get hard in my mouth. I needed to have my ass stuffed. I needed to swallow cum. I decided it was time to give in to my desires. To submit myself to an older man. A DADDY.

So, I posted an add on Craigslist describing my wishes along with a pic of my body.

It didn't take long for a reply that piqued my interest. He was very direct, fit the criteria, and was nearby. I replied immediately hoping to seize the opportunity. He was free this evening and could host. Perfect.


We met at a bar near his apartment to discuss what was to come next. After a few rounds of bourbon I became more comfortable and the conversation got more sexual. I told him that I enjoy watching Ass To Mouth porn and asked if we could do that. His eyes widened. A smile broke across his face and he said "Oh yes, we CAN do that". We paid the bill and headed out.

He led me to his bedroom and we took our clothes off. I couldn't wait any longer so I dropped to my knees inches from his cock. On the floor looking up at him I asked "Can I taste it Daddy?". He put his hands on my head and I began sucking gently on his cock. I could feel it becoming fuller with each stroke. I was salivating profusely while pushing myself to take him entirely down my throat. Daddy's dick got thick.

I dipped underneath his cock and started sucking on his balls. In response, he put one of his legs on the bed allowing me better access to his sac. I gratefully sucked and licked every inch of him. After the ball bathing was complete I took his cock in my hand, noticed a thick drip of precum leaking from his dickhole, and sucked it greedily down with a slurp.

Daddy pulled me off his cock, picked me up by my arms and pushed me on his bed. I lay face down on the mattress with my ass in the air and my legs spread. He spat on his hand and began sliding his fingers in and around my asshole. He starts with one, then two, then three and I can feel my little hole beginning to stretch. Suddenly, I turn to him and ask to taste those fingers and he put's them into my mouth, I suck them clean, and I love it.

Daddy takes his hand back, spits on it again, and rubs his cock. He also spits on my hole just before he dives into my ass. My back arches as his thick head pushes through. Daddy says "Open your ass boy" to which I reply "Yes Sir".

He's in me, and begins slowly pushing in farther. With every inch I can feel the heat of his cock testing the depth of my ass. I put my thumb in my mouth and moan. Daddy smacks my ass and and tells me what a good boy I am and starts thrusting in and out. He leans into me with his hands squeezing my waist while he is pumping my anus. I can hear his balls slapping against me. I put my arms back and spread my cheeks for him so he can see my hole being opened. He goes to the base and presses himself deep as he can. I look back at him and tell him how bad I want to taste his cock right now. Daddy pulls out and stands above me on the bed. I take a second to look at his cock glistening with our juices right before I take it into my mouth. I suck him clean, no hands.

Daddy then puts me on my back pinning my legs far enough for me to kiss my knees. He enters me and starts slamming my pussyhole relentlessly. He kisses my feet while slapping my thighs and stuffing his fingers in my mouth. I can really feel his strength as he fucks me deep.

He spreads my legs wide, I use my elbows to prop myself up and get ready to receive another faceful of dick. Daddy sees how bad I want it. How hungry I am to taste his cock again. He knows so he pulls out and stuffs it down my throat. He fucks my mouth hard just like my ass. In seconds I'm covered in spit as he's gagging me with his cock. He barely gives me a second to breath before diving right back in.

He says " You've been a very good boy. Are you ready to drink cum?"

I reply begging "Yes Daddy please! I need to eat your cum. I need it so fucking bad! Please!".

He puts me on the floor as he sits on the edge of the bed. I cup his balls in one hand and jerk him from the base with the other. My mouth wraps around him and I tongue on the underside of his cock just past the head. I feel his sac tighten in my hand and I know my reward is cumming. I tilt my head back with my mouth open wide making sure his cock is pointed onto my tongue.

He explodes pumping thick, warm,creamy, sweet loads of cum. Some lands on my lips, but I quickly suck in pulling them inside my mouth. I continue to pump his cock until he's completely dry. Daddy sees a drop on my cheek and uses his thumb to push it into my mouth. He sees me looking at him and says "What are you waiting for boy? Swallow it".

I can't reply with a mouthful of cum so I close my mouth and swallow it all. It's delicious, and I already want more. I open my mouth wide so Daddy can see it's all gone and say "I was waiting for you to tell when to swallow".


And that's how I got turned out. continued...


Sonia was preparing dinner. It was a hot summer day and she was only wearing a g-string bikini, as she had been tanning topless in the sun all afternoon. In between she took a stroll in the garden and did a little weeding, bending over to present her beautiful ass as a prominent sight for her neighbors.

Sonia was 40 years of age and possessed a voluptuous body that looked at least 10 years younger. She always had the full attention of her neighbors and their sons whenever she was in the garden, whether she did actual garden work or just strolled around top less as she had done today. Sonia loved to be a cock teaser. Sometimes she heard the clicking of cameras or excited whisper from young boys spying on her.

Her male neighbors could not resist watching the beautiful brunette strut around presenting her big whiggling tits and fabulous ass out in the open. She was an incredibly sexy MILF. Her female neighbors hated her for the attention she attracted from their men and sons. Sonia was the only single woman in the neighborhood, living together with her two teenage sons.

While chopping vegetables she saw her two big boys coming home from football practice and walk past the kitchen window. They looked at her in a strange gloomy way as if they were angry or something. Usually they smiled and cheered, but not today. She heard the back door open and shut. No greetings, Sonia thought? Then the boys entered the kitchen without saying a word and with very sinister looks in their faces.

“Hi boys! Dinner will be ready in half an hour! Did you enjoy your football practice?” Sonia said.

“No, not at all”, said Joe, the older son with an angry voice.

“Mom, we know all about you”, said Mike the younger boy in an equally angry tone. He had turned 18 just a few days ago.

Something is very wrong, thought Sonia. “Did something bad happen at the stadium? And what do you mean, Mike?”

“We have just found out that you have fucked all our friends from the football team!”

“Yes, and our football coaches too”, said Mike. “And some of our friends from school”.

“And that everybody in the neighborhood seems to know that you are a FUCKING WHORE – except us”, said Joe.

Sonia was appalled. “WHAT….WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Don’t you accuse your own mother in this way!”

“Don’t lie to us, Mom. We have just seen lots of video clips with you. All our friends keep them on their phones and computers to watch. They all share them!” Joe said with a trembling voice and tears in his eyes.

“Video clips with me? What do you mean, young man!” Sonia tried to sound like the authoritative parent, but inside she was terrified.

“You really wanna know? We have seen you sucking cock on Peter, Michael, George and several more”, Joe said indignated.

“Yes, and you have been fucked from behind by coach Hansen!” said Mike.

“And you have been fucked by many more! There seems to HUNDREDS of videos circulating where you fuck, suck and act like a real WHORE!”

“And videos where several boys fuck you! Group sex with our own friends! How could you do it?” Mike started to cry in anger.

Sonia started crying as well. This was a complete disaster. “I…I did not know that they took pictures….” She whimpered.

“BULLSHIT! On most videos where you suck cock you are looking straight into the camera and SMILING, Mom! Smiling with their cocks in your mouth! You LOVE to be videoed! They all say that! Don’t lie to us! You are a FUCKING WHORE!” Mike raged.

“It seems that everybody knows that! Except Mike and I. Apparently we are the only men around here who has NOT fucked you!”

Sonia was in complete despair and did not know what to say, except meak apologies. She suddenly felt very exposed only wearing a tiny bikini in front of the angry young men.


“I….I don’t know…”, she said defiantly, looking shameful towards the floor.

“You have probably fucked so many you cannot even count them, is that it? YOU DIRTY BITCH!”

“D…don’t talk to me that way. I am your mother!” Sonia tried to regain the initiative, but failed miserably.

“We are the only men in the entire neighborhood who has not fucked you, Mom. Not YET,” Mike said with a vengeance.

“Not yet? What….what do you mean, Son?”

“Firstly, you need to be PUNISHED HARD for destroying our family reputation! And secondly, as we are the only guys around who has NOT fucked you yet, we will do so! WE ALSO WANT A PIECE OF YOUR ASS, MOM! We are going to FUCK your slutty holes!”

“NOOOO! You cannot do that! Are you crazy? I am your MOM!” Sonia protested in dismay.

Her two sons stepped forward with a determined look in their faces, twisted her arms around her back and forced Sonia down on the floor in kneeling position and bent her over. They held her firm despite her desperate struggling and shouting.


SLAM! Joe slapped her face. “SHUT UP BITCH! NOW YOU BELONG TO US!” SMACK! Another slap landed on her other cheek. She could not believe this! Her own sons were attacking and beating her? Suddenly she noticed the big bulges both her sons had in their football shorts right in front of her face. OH GOD! THEY ARE TURNED ON! ARE THEY REALLY GONNA RAPE ME???

Joe and Mike blocked their mother’s screaming by forcing a cloth into her mouth and closing it with duct tape. Only unintelligible sounds emerged. Sonia’s arms were also tied up on her back with duct tape. She got terribly frightened as she realized that her sons had apparently planned this outrageous act in details. Finally, her long naked legs were taped together by the ankles.

Soon after Sonia found herself lying on her stomach over the knees of her eldest son, who was sitting on a kitchen chair while the younger son held her legs firmly locked.

“A whore like you, Mom, deserves to be punished, so now you are going to be spanked!” Joe said and smacked his mother’s butt, leaving a glowing red mark.

“UUUNNNNN! NONNGGGGG!” Sonia wriggled desperately but could not move away as her big strong sons held her almost naked body tight. Joe kept on spanking her in the most painful way, making her buttocks fiery red. Joe stopped.

“You know, Mom, Mike and I have decided to keep you as our personal slave. You have done so much harm to our reputation by being the neighborhood slut that we want revenge. For the future, we are the only ones who can fuck you! Is that clear?”

Sonia could not believe what she had just heard! Sex slave for her own sons! She shook her head desperately. Immediately Joe resumed the spanking.


Suddenly Sonia felt her minute bikini panties being removed so her crotch was revealed. Joe continued spanking her. A hand groped her feminine parts. It had to be Mike, her youngest son. NONONO! THIS IS ALL WRONG, she thought in desperation. She had felt Joe’s erection ever since the spanking started. Mike stuck a probing finger inside her pussy.


“NNNNNNGGHHHH” she screamed.

“So you like being spanked by your own son, you SLUT! Your pussy is probably wet all the time, bitch!” Joe said with disgust. He pushed Sonia down so she sat kneeling on the floor. Joe forced Sonia’s face down into his lab with one arm and took a firm grip of her arms with the other, bending them upwards in a painful position. She was completely locked and her sons were about to rape her!

“Mike, you are my little brother and the last to leave this slut’s pussy, so why don’t you fuck her first. I will hold her while you use her.”

“NNNGGGGNNNGGGHH!” Sonia protested.

Mike dropped his shorts and revealed a big erect cock. Sonia felt him grab her hips and something hard touch her labia. She tried to wriggle and flee but only received some very painful spanking. Then she felt her own son penetrate her motherly orifice. NOOOOO!

The big cock forced it’s way into Sonia’s tight vagina, which was always wet and ready for action. Never had she imagined, though, that her own sons would invade her most intimate parts.

She had not imagined either, that her youngest son was so well endowed. His cock stretched out his mother's vagina completely as he brutally took possession of his own place of birth.

Mike started fucking his mother slowly like he was probing her pussy, and then switched into fast mode, forcing his big cock in and out of mommy's tight hole. His six-pack abdomen smacked loudly against her round, firm ass every time he buried his dick completely into her orifice.

“NNOOOGGGHHGG” Sonia protested in vain, while her own son raped the shit out of her. Mike was a big strong guy and well endowed, and he fucked his mother hard, completely ignoring her inarticulate begging and sobbing.


“AARRHH, THIS IS GOOD!”, Mike moaned. “She is so tight and so wet! Mom, you are really a great fuck! I am going to cum in you very soon! You love sperm, don’t you Mom? Everybody says so.” Mike mocked his mother while he raped her relentlessly.

Joe was getting very excited by now. He held his mother’s head and upper body with her big tits on his lap, and Mike’s aggressive pounding of Sonia made her body move back and forth on top of his huge erection. His pants were wet from her tears, which made him even more horny. Joe really enjoyed taking revenge on his slutty mother. And he could not wait to fuck her!

Finally, Mike reached climax and ejaculated a huge load of hot sperm into his mother’s womb. She sobbed constantly by now and was lying still, apparently with no more energy left for protesting. Mike pulled out of Sonia’s motherly orifice and looked at her battered hole from where his sperm was seeping out.

“Hey, I want a video of that! Like all the other guys in the neighborhood!” He found his phone and filmed his mother’s feminine parts and her whole body.

“Great shot, Mom! You look so slutty like that! Tied up and all.”

Sonia was heartbroken by her son’s evilness and humiliation of her.

“Now it is my turn! Mom, you are in for a really hard fuck!” Joe said and lifted his mother onto the dining table, put her on her back with her duct taped arms beneath her and placed her long tied-up legs on his right shoulder. He ripped off Sonia’s bikini bra to let her big 38D tits roam freely. Then he homed in on her already battered pussy and continued the motherly rape. It was a wonderful feeling to fuck his own mom in her tight hole, and he looked triumphantly down on her gagged face where tears were flowing while he pumped her hard.

While being raped violently and painfully for the second time, Sonia shook her head like in denial of what actually took place with an expression of utter terror. She looked into the eyes of her eldest son begging him to stop, but Joe only laughed at her despair and grievance. He fucked his mom even harder, wanting revenge for the gross humiliation he and Mike had suffered today, when they found out that their mother had fucked most of their friends.

And what a sweet revenge! This was so good! Joe had only been with a few other girls, but he knew enough about female anatomy to appreciate that his mom had a superb cunt. Tight and wet. He groped her big tits and pinched her nipples viciously, making her squeal, and leaned over so her knees almost touched her shoulders and their faces almost met.

“Don’t pretend you doesn’t like it, bitch! You are SO WET! You are SUCH A WHORE, Mom!” he said to her face. Sonia only shook her head and continued sobbing, completely devastated and heartbroken by being raped and humiliated by her own sons.

Meanwhile, Mike was videoing the fornication on his smartphone. He was growing another erection. Watching Joe fuck their mother so violently was extremely arousing. He wanted to fuck her again. He got an idea: Perhaps they could sell these video clips? Everybody knew about his mother being such a dirty slut, so why not profit from it? Perhaps they could even sell her as a sex slave?

Joe was on the brink of cummin’ and withdrew from his mother’s wet cunt. He dragged her down on the floor on her knees and started masturbating in front of her face.

“I know you are such a SPERM SLUT, Mom, so here is my addition to your collection, you DIRTY BITCH!”

Joe shot his huge load at Sonia’s gagged face and her big tits. Mike filmed it at close range.

“LOOK AT THAT DIRTY BITCH! MOM, WE KNOW YOU LOVE TO GET JIZZ IN YOUR FACE AND ON YOUR TITS. THAT IS WHAT EVERYBODY IS TELLING US!” Joe yelled and slapped her face again on each cheek. Then he pinched his mother’s nipples making her wriggle and squeal in pain.

“Now I want a BLOW JOB, Mom! We know that you LOVE to suck cock and that you are SO GOOD. I have seen videos where you deep throat a really big dick. I want some of that as well. Joe, hold her head so I can remove the tape and FUCK this bitch in her mouth”.

Joe stepped behind his kneeling and naked mother, whose arms were still tied behind her back, and held her head firmly.

“Be my guest”, he said to his younger brother who stepped forward so his big erection was right in front of his mother’s tear and cum stained face. “Everybody else around here have fucked this slutty mouth. We deserve it as well.”

Joe removed the duct tape from her mouth in a fast movement, which was very painful for Sonia. Before he pulled out the cloth in her mouth, he took a firm grip of her brown hair and said with a menacing voice:

“LISTEN UP BITCH! The only reason we have for removing your gag is to FUCK YOUR MOUTH. It is not for allowing you to talk. IS THAT CLEAR?” He slapped her chin while Mike pinched her nipples.

“OWNNWNNNNGGHH” Sonia said in great pain.

“NOD YOUR HEAD to show that you will not utter one single word when this gang is out. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, BITCH? NOT A WORD!”

They slapped and pinched their mother again and she was forced to nod in compliance with their demand. Mike took a firm grip in her hair, pulled out the gag and put his big cock into her little mouth.

“NNAAAOOOUWWWW!”, she protested only to receive another clip over the ear. Mike grabbed the back of her head and forced his way into his mother’s orifice – all the way down her throat. She gagged by the sudden invasion but Mike force fucked her so hard that she had no time for further protest. Tears were running down her cheeks while the big cock of her youngest son raped her mouth relentlessly and she was coughing from the deep fuck. It was so PAINFUL, every time the big cock hit her throat hard.


Mike knelt down on the floor while keeping his mother’s mouth firmly locked to his cock. Joe knelt behind his mother, lifted her ass and penetrated her cunt once more. Sonia was now being tag teamed by her own two sons! How embarrassing and humiliating! Joe fucked her pussy hard as if he was in a frenzy and smacked her butt repeatedly. OWW THAT HURT!

“SUCK THAT COCK, BITCH! DO IT BETTER! USE YOUR LIPS AND TONGUE, YOU DIRTY WHORE!” Mike yelled and smacked her head brutally. Sonia did not think anymore, she had submitted completely to their gruesome dominance. She sucked her youngest son the best she could, while her older son raped her pussy like a madman.

“Let’s switch positions. I want to fuck her mouth also”, Joe suggested and so they did. During the few seconds her mouth was cock free she could not speak, only cough from the raw painful rape of her throat. Joe’s cock was even bigger than Mike’s and she could not swallow the full length, even though her son viciously tried to force her into it. Sonia was close to fainting from the throat rape, gasping for air for the split seconds when the cock was withdrawn before moving back into her throat and blocking her airways.

Suddenly Sonia could taste Joe’s precum and knew that he was about to cum. In a last effort she tried to withdraw her head before his climax but he held her head firm with his strong arms. He moaned loudly and filled his mother’s mouth and throat with hot sticky sperm. She coughed and harked so much of the jizz was spilled on the floor.

Mike pulled out of her pussy and grabbed her head by the hair. He stood in front of her and pushed his cock into her already sperm loaded mouth. Her youngest son also wanted to cum in his mother’s mouth.

“Mom, I want you to keep my load in your mouth so I can see it, just like you did on those videos. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” He slapped her face and pinched her nipples. Then he gabbed hear ears and pointed her face upwards so their eyes met, his cock still between her lips. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND? If you don’t then I will RAPE YOUR ASS!”

She looked absolutely terrified. Mike ordered his mom to continue sucking him, which she did obediently and with great skill.


His load filled her mouth but she was very careful not to swallow or to spill anything of it. When he had finished unloading Mike pulled out.

“Now bitch, let us see the cum in your slutty mouth”. Completely humiliated Sonia opened her lips to show she was indeed full of jizz from her own son. Joe had filmed the whole throat rape and zoomed in on her sperm load.

“OK bitch, now you swallow it all. NOW!” Obediently Sonia did as she was ordered to and gulped down thre sticky fluid. Joe pointed at the floor where some his jizz had ended when he raped her mouth.

“For the future you will never miss a single drop of our sperm when you suck us. Is that understood, BITCH!”

“But…” Sonia started saying but was brutally interrupted by another slap on her cheek.

“You only talk when you are ordered to! We now have videos where you fuck with your own sons! Mike is 18 today, but we will both swear that he was younger if we go to the police. That means several years in jail for you if we do so.Do you want us to report you to the police, Mom?”

Sonia was absolutely heartbroken by this terrible threat and lie coming from her own son. She started sobbing.

“You bitch! Do not think that we will fall for your miserable female tricks. ANSWER ME! DO YOU WANT US TO GO TO THE POLICE?”

Sonia shook her head ever so lightly and looked up at her two sons with tears and despair in her eyes.


“N..n..noooo, please”, Sonia said with a weak voice, hid her sperm smeared face in her hands og burst into hysterical crying. This was the most horrible day of her life.


Sonia was in complete confusion. Her life had taken an unbelievable turn. But her boys were so angry at her, they had been SO BRUTAL and she did not want police involvement.

“Yes”, she said feebly.


Big tears started rolling down Sonia’s beautiful face again onto her big tits where they mixed with dried up cakes of her son’s sperm. She could see no way out and nodded meekly.

“SAY THAT WE ARE YOUR MASTERS, SLUT!” Joe raised his hand as if he would beat her once more.

“You…you are my masters”, Mommy sobbed in complete despair.


“I WILL DO ANYTHING YOU SAY”, Sonia shouted in despair.

Joe sat in a kitchen chair again and patted his lab.

“Get up here, bitch. From now on you will receive a daily spanking from either me or Mike.”

Obediently, Sonia rose from her kneeling position and lay herself on Joe’s lap. Her arms and legs were still taped together.

“Now bitch, your daily ratio are twenty strokes. And you will count each and every one of them. We start now”. SLAM.

OOUUCHH! “One”, Sonia said.

SLAM. “Two”.


After the full spanking her well shaped butt was glowing red again. Mike kneeled behind Sonia, spread her legs and curiously fingered her little brown rose.

“Mom, we have seen many videos where you fuck in many different ways, but there were no anal sex, now was there Joe?” Mike smiled viciously to his big brother and blinked. Joe smiled back.

“No, I don’t think so, actually. Mom, are you not into anal sex?” Joe asked. Sonia sniffed and shook her head. She was very fund of all kinds of sex – except anal. She certainly did not like her son’s interest for her little twinkie.

“WAUW! That means that you are an anal virgin! None of all the men in the neighborhood has fucked you in the ass. Is that right, Mom?” She nodded her tearful head.

“OK! Then it is only fair that WE fuck you in your virgin ass, as this is the last place unspoiled by your slutty behavior! You are going to be our anal sex slave, Mom!” Both boys laughed viciously.

“OH NO, PLEASE don’t!” she begged. “It hurts too much. PLEASE don’t! I BEG YOU,” she sobbed.

Her arms were still tied behind her back with duct tape, and again her own sons stuffed the gag into her mouth and duct taped her lips again. OH NO! NOOOO! THEY ARE REALLY GOING TO RAPE MY ASS! Sonia thought in despair. Mockingly they also put duct tape on her pussy lips, closing her feminine orifice.

They placed their sobbing mother at the end of the dining table with wide spread legs and tied her ankles to the table legs. They put a rope around her back bound arms by her shoulders and tied that to the table legs at the other end of the table. Sonia was now completely tied up and gagged. Only incomprehensible babble and whimper was heard.

“Oh Mom, I really look forward to fuck your ass. You have hurt us so much by being a real whore, so now we will hurt you a bit back. That is only fair.” Mike touched her twinkie that was pointing right against his massive cock. Both her sons now had full erection, enticed by their mother’s sexy body in bondage, her lovely whimpering and the thought of being the first penetrating her virginal sphincter.

“We better grease her up. I think we can use this olive oil”, Joe said and grabbed a bottle. He held the bottle right over Sonia’s ass and started pouring oil onto her twinkie. Mike oiled his fingers and stuck them into his mother’s asshole.

“Wauw, she is tight! I can hardly get a finger inside her! I have seen in porn movies that you need to expand the asshole gradually. If you do it right you can stuff your whole arm into her ass!”

Sonia’s crying became hysterical, but the boys ignored her, completely absorbed by the conquering of her tight orifice. Mike now managed to press two fingers inside his mother’s asshole. It was difficult to apply the oil as most of it ended up on the floor.

“Why don’t we just stick the neck of the bottle inside her ass and pour the oil in? Wouldn’t that be much easier”, asked Joe. Mike agreed and withdrew his fingers, and Joe forced the bottle with olive oil into his mother’s tight little orifice. Sonia’s babble increased to new volume levels as her ass was being raped by her own two sons. When the bottle was a few centimeters inside the protesting mom Joe turned the bottom upwards. Fascinated the boys watched the olive oil disappear into their mother.

Joe slowly forced the remaining part of the bottle neck into his slave mom’s asshole causing very loud babbling complaints from the owner of the beleagered orifice. Then he started fucking her with the bottle neck.

“I think this works fine”, he said to his little brother. “Do you wanna try?”

Mike, ever the hasty one, grabbed the bottle and emptied the remaining oil into his mother’s asshole. He then fucked her fast with the bottle making her scream from pain in her gag. He pulled the bottle out and tested her hole with his fingers.

“It gets better! Perhaps we should use the thick part of the bottle to make her even wider”, he said and forced it back into her well greased twinkie. He did not stop pushing when the bottle neck had disappeared out of sight, but continued to force the wider part of the bottle body into his loudly complaining and whimpering fuck slave.

OOOHHHH GOD DID IT HURT as the big bottle was forced into her tight little asshole! Sonia screamed and howled into her gag, but her sons completely ignored their terrified mom’s painful protests.

“SHUT UP BITCH! This is your punishment for being such a SLUT!” Joe shouted and smacked her buttocks several times. To great surprise for the boys the wider part of the bottle suddenly slid into their mom.

“OOOOHHHMMMPPPPHHH” Mommy moaned into her tight gag as the bottle was forced down her tight colon. HOW CAN THEY BE SO CRUEL??? I AM THEIR MOM! Sonia thought as her own sons raped her ass with a big bottle.

“Wauw, I guess the spanking made her forget to squeeze her sphincter tight. Now let us fuck her good”, Mike said enthusiastically and continued pushing in the bottle. This was much better than biology lessons. Accompanied by loud moaning from their motherly slave they force fucked her widely stretched anus with their toy. Finally, Mike pulled it out and did another inspection with his fingers.

“I can get four fingers inside her with a little effort! I think the SLUT is ready for your cock, Joe”.

“Thank you very much, brother!” Joe greased his big cock with more olive oil from another bottle, placed his cockhead on his mother’s no-go zone and forced his way through her tight sphincter. Sonia felt the huge cock penetrate her sore ass. GOD THIS IS PAINFUL! OH NO! STOPPPP! She tried to say, but the words were blocked by the gag. It felt like a sword cutting into her bowels, yet it was her own son raping her tight ass and enjoying her pain! Joe smacked her ass while he was pumping her orifice faster and faster.

“OH GOD MOM THIS IS SO GOOD! IT IS SO GREAT TO FUCK YOUR ASSHOLE, MOMMY! YOU ARE SOOOO TIGHT”, her son shouted while his big cock moved rapidly in and out of her causing extreme pain. He reached climax and roared loudly as he pumped her bowels full of sperm. He continued fucking his mother for a while until he withdrew from her molested cavity. Sperm was dripping out of her ass.

Seconds after Mike took over their tied up rape victim and shoved his cock inside his mom. He forgot to grease his member before penetration so his arrival at his mother’s newfound fuck hole was very painful for her. Mike ignored his mom’s high pitched screaming behind her gag and force fucked her ass like a steam engine.

“MOM…..THIS….IS….SO …GREAT!” Mike moaned while raping his female parent. “YOU…ARE …SO…..EXTREMELY…..TIGHT.” He paused and seemed to consider something for a moment. “Actually I think I will ONLY fuck you in the ass for the future! At least ten times a day!”

Sonia went into another loud hysterical crying, as her son continued to fuck her little asshole with his big cock in the most brutal and painful way. It was the worst torture she had ever endured. Finally, she could hear him getting close to climax. THANK YOU GOD, Sonia thought in her misery.

“OOOOHHHH MOM I AM COMING! I AM COMING! I CLEAN YOUR DIRTY HOLE WITH SPERM. AAARRGHH,” Sonia’s youngest son shouted as he too filled her innards with family jizz. Exhausted, Mike withdrew from his mother’s battered orifice. Seeing that his dick was covered with his mother’s shit he immediately went to the bathroom for cleaning.

Joe had developed a new erection by watching his brother rape their mother’s ass and wanted to use it. He ripped off the duct tape covering Sonia’s pussy lips making her flinch and scream in pain and started fucking her maternal orifice for the third time. She was happy that he spared her for further anal torture. She had lost count of how many times her sons had raped her. Joe pumped her in long slow strokes which was quite pleasant actually.

Suddenly her bowels reacted against the violent invasions. Half a liter of olive oil and two major loads of sperm combined with the hard fucking that shaked her body for each trust of her son’s cock worked as an excellent enema. Sonia could feel the explosion coming but could not do anything about it, tied up and gagged.

SPLUUUUSSH! A brown stream emanated from her sore asshole. It would have reached several meters out into the kitchen, had it not been for her son fucking her cunt right in the firing line. He took the brunt of the shitload and jumped sideways in surprise and shock. When Mike entered the kitchen he was almost hit by the next load fired from his mother’s molested anal hole. OH GOD! THIS IS SO EMBARASSING she thought.

The smell was terrible. The boys immediately released their mom from her bondage and ordered her to clean up her shit. Meanwhile Joe took a long bath. While Sonia cleaned the floor and the walls in the kitchen her two sons had a discussion in the living room.

“I have seen enemas in porn movies. We used too much oil inside her ass. Or perhaps for the future we should give her an enema BEFORE we fuck her in the ass. Then she will be clean also. Did you see how much shit I had on my dick?” Mike said.

“Yeah I did. Anal sex is apparently more complicated than oral and vaginal sex. But it is SO GOOD! Mom is great to fuck in her mouth and pussy, but her asshole is the best. We gotta find a way to use it every day without unpleasant consequences.”

Mike agreed
“Perhaps we should monitor her use of the toilet? When she has emptied her bowels there should be no risk of getting dirty. That must be the best time for using her super fantastic tight little ass, don’t you think so?” Mike asked.

“Great idea! And just for fun we could give her enemas anyway.”

The boys decided to monitor their mother’s use of the toilet. When she peed and when she did the big thing. That would also be very humiliating for her.

“Mom, have you finished cleaning up? Come on in here,” Joe shouted.

Reluctantly Sonia entered the living room where her sons were sitting. What were they now up to? She could not imagine anything worse than what they had just done to her, though. She was stark naked and still full of sperm in her face and on her protruding tits, sweaty and even stinking from the layer of shit around her asshole. She had not yet been allowed to clean herself up.

“AARGGHH MOM! You stink like hell. Go wash yourself, but do it fast! We want to talk to you, understand?” Joe said. Sonia went off to the bathroom and took a quick shower. She did not dare to challenge her son’s new superiority by spending the half hour she would normally use for a bath. Out of old habit she put on a bathrobe before she went back to the living room to face her sons.

“WHAT THE HELL, MOM! Did we tell you to get dressed? Remove that bathrobe immediately! We want you naked all the time! Is that understood?” Joe seemed very angry. Sonia took of the robe immediately and stood stark naked in front of her sons.

“Mom, you need to get punished for being disobedient. Come over here so I can spank you,” her youngest son Mike said viciously. “If you don’t we might as well call the cobs right away.” Sonia started sobbing again, but went over to her 17-year old son and lay down on his knees, ready for punishment. So far only his big brother Joe had spanked her. This was so humiliating!

Mike groped his mother’s firm bubble butt and pushed a finger into her cherry.

“Mom, your cunt is already wet! I haven’t even started yet! You are such a whore!”, he said and began spanking her butt. In between her sobbing Sonia managed to count the strokes as Joe had told her to. While her son worked hard on her sore buttocks, Sonia could feel his male organ grow into full size. After 20 strokes Mike checked her wetness again.

“Mom the pussy fluids are running out! You really like to be spanked as the whore you are! You are such a complete SLUT!” Mike pushed his naked mom with her red ass down on the floor. “It turns me on to spank you, Mommy. Now suck my cock and do it good! Otherwise you are in for a new spanking!”

Sonia kneeled in front of her son who was sitting naked in a sofa with his large erection just in front of her. Reluctantly she began to masturbate him with her tiny hands. After a short while, Mike impatiently grabbed her hair and forced her face down on his cock. She opened her mouth and took his member into the hot juicy cavity. Mike leaned forward and smacked her ass while she was sucking him.

“FASTER MOM. SUCK MY COCK FASTER. You can do much better than this. We have seen a lot of videos where you suck cock, don’t forget that bitch!”

Sonia put her reservations against sucking her own son aside and gave Mike a fabulous blowjob. He might as well cum as fast as possible, she thought, and he did cum soon. Obediently, she kept his jizz in her mouth and opened it for him to see.

“You are such a good little slave mommy! That was a fabulous blowjob, bitch. You may swallow my load.”

Joe had also developed a full erection by seeing his super sexy mother being spanked and then giving her brother a seemingly fantastic blowjob. He wanted her to suck him as well. Being the older brother Joe had some experience with blowjobs, but his mother superseded by far any other woman that had ever had his throbbing cock in her mouth.
Obediently, Sonia also sucked her eldest son good and showed him the load of jizz in her mouth.

Once SEX had become an open factor in their family life just a few hours ago, it seemed that the boys were insatiable in their lust for their mother. There was a logic reason for this. They had lived together with an extremely beautiful and sexy woman all their life. They had seen her naked or wearing only very little clothing a thousand times and they had had wet dreams about her, probably without knowing that the faceless women of their dreams were actually their own mother. The moral conventions of society forbid them to see their mother as an extremely sexy woman, but “only” as their mother.

But that afternoon the conventions were blown away by an avalanche of phone porn that completely destroyed their conventional view of their mother. Sonia’s sons had seen videos where their oh so nice and perfect mommy sucked cock, was fucked by several men and much more. They found out that their mother was not an ideal mom from the picture books, but a hardcore slut whom all men in the neighborhood apparently had fucked, including most of the boys of the same age they knew in the area.

Of course the sons became angry and disappointed of finding out that everybody else than themselves knew their mother as a shameless slut. But suddenly knowing that their mother was a sex object for hundreds of males also triggered their deeply hidden attraction towards her. Once the façade of conventions crumbled, the sons’ sexual craving for their beautiful mother came out into the open like a monster from the underworld. Years of suppressed lust now had to be satisfied within a few hours. The boys could not stop fucking their mother, once the genie was out of the bottle.

Sonia swallowed Joe’s load of sperm in her mouth.

“Mom, you are a great cocksucker and your cunt is so good, but both of us really prefer to fuck your ass. That is by far the best of your holes. And we want to fuck it several times a day. I know you don’t like it Mom, but we are your masters and you have to obey.”

Sonia looked devastated. They wanted to rape her EVERY DAY in her tight little twinkie? OH NO! Tears started rolling down her beautiful face again.

“I am sure you will get used to it, Mom. You are very tight in your ass, but you will learn to enjoy us fucking your butt. Problem is that it can be rather dirty, like today. So we either have to give you an enema several times a day, or we have to monitor your use of toilet. I mean when and how often you crap, Mom. We need to know that. Once you have crapped we can fuck you without getting dirty. So Mom, tell us when and how often you take a shit?” Joe asked viciously.

Sonia could not believe her own ears! This was even more humiliating than being raped anally! This was holy ground for ANY person, especially a mother! She started working up her anger. This was TOO MUCH! Her face became sinister and she suddenly found some hidden reserves of parental authority:

“NOW LISTEN YOUNG MAN” she started yelling but was immediately slapped violently in her head by Joe and tumbled over on the floor with big red marks on her cheeks. Joe leaned over her and grabbed her arms, while Mike held her legs.

“LET MET GO BASTARDS! LET GO OF ME”, Sonia shouted in anger. Joe looked at his little brother who was growing an erection.

“Mike, we have to punish this disobedient bitch. Are you ready to rape her ass?”

Mike sat on his mother’s thighs and placed his erect cock on her asshole, ready to fuck her again. He pushed forward.

“NOOOOO! NOOOO! DON’T! PLEEEEASE”, howled their mother as her youngest son penetrated her sore butthole once more and this time without any grease. Mike forced his cock deeper inside, unmoved by his mother’s pleas and wriggling. Joe told him to stay still.

Their mother was crying hysterically. Joe held his hand over her mouth to silence her.

“So Mom what is it going to be? Do you want Mike to continue fucking your butt without grease or will you tell us about your toilet habits?” He let go of her mouth.


“Then tell us what we want to know, slut! Fuck her some more, Mike”, Joe said. His brother forced his cock further inside his mother.

“NONONO! I WILL TELL YOU! PLEASE STOP!” their mom shouted. “I go to the toilet early morning and late afternooooon! OHHH!”

Joe simply HAD to put his cock into his mother’s mouth. She was SO SEXY when she was crying. He sat on the floor in front of her, lifted her head by the hair and moved his body under her face. He then forced her mouth down on his throbbing cock.

“SUCK THAT COCK, MUM! And Mike will fuck your ass as punishment for your disobedience. Mike, fuck that bitch HARD!”

“OOOMMMBBGGNN” Sonia shouted in pain and panic when her once sweet little son forced his big cock longer into her tight and sore anal canal and raped her once more. Joe kept his cock firmly locked in her throat and she could nor breathe. The pain and suffocation nearly made her faint. This was her last rebellion against the supremacy of her sons.
It was midnight and bedtime. The two sons stood and watched their naked mom lying on the floor, crying and sobbing and with sperm in her face and oozing out of her ass crack.
“Mom, we want to share you during nighttime”, Joe said. “Every second night I will sleep with you and every other night Mike will do so in your own bed. It is the largest. And we will fuck you as we please.

In the morning, you will suck cock on the son you have slept with and then take a crap and a bath. Then we will both fuck you in the ass. After that we go to school and you go to work.

It will be strictly forbidden for you to have any sexual relations besides us. We will check up on your behavior regularly. No more slutting around. Now you are OUR bitch, Mom!
Once you get home from work you will take a crap and we will fuck your ass once more.

You are only allowed to wear clothing outside the house. Inside the premises you will always be naked.

In the evening we might invite some friends that you must entertain. They probably already know you very well, but from now on they will have to PAY for your services, Mom. We will be your pimps. Hell, everybody knows you are a slut so we cannot pretend anything else, can we. Why not make a profit on you, Mom?”

That night Joe slept with Sonia. Incredibly, he still managed to fuck her for almost an hour even though the evening had been very intense.

“Oh Mom, I love to fuck you! You are so beautiful and so sexy. Sleep well, Mom, I love you”, Joe said and kissed her mouth before he turned the light off. Completely exhausted Sonia immediately fell asleep.

Shortly after – at least that was how she felt – the alarm clock woke her up. Her whole body was aching from the intense sex yesterday evening, and her holes were so sore. Her sons were incredibly potent she had to admit. Sonia remembered her first duty of the day and moved under the duvet, seeking Joe’s cock. It was already sock solid, even though he was still at sleep. Some morning wood, she thought and started licking his member. Her son awoke slowly and started to moan, as his mom did an expert job on his erection.
“Oh Mom this is so good! Don’t stop, bitch! Swallow my load, you dirty slut!”

Sonia felt the sperm fill her mouth and swallowed in huge gulps. There was an amazing volume of jizz, especially since her son had emptied himself in his mother at least six times yesterday evening. Then Joe laid his mother on her side, moved in behind her and fucked her cunt as long as his erection lasted while he kissed her neck and groped her big tits. Sometimes he acted as a real lover, she thought.

“OK Mom. You go to the toilet while Mike and I prepare for the anal sex. Hurry up, slut!” Gone was the sweet lover apparently.

Sonia went to the toilet and did what she used to do, took a crap, then took a bath, brushed her teeth and whatever women do during their morning toilette. She was very nervous concerning the anal sex. Were they going to rape her just as bad as yesterday? An impatient knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Hey Mom! Get finished! We want to fuck you!” It was her youngest son Mike. He was so eager but also the most brutal of her two sons. He seemed to like very much to inflict pain on his mother. Especially anal pain and this was exactly what awaited her, she knew. What a terrible ordeal for a mother.

Sonia went naked back to her bedroom and found her two sons likewise naked and sporting impressive erections.

“Get up on the bed, Mom! We want to fuck you in both ends”, Mike said joyfully. “I want you to suck me while Joe fucks your cunt. Get up on all fours, bitch!”

She obeyed and took the position, Immediately Mike put his cock in her mouth and ordered her to suck it as good as yesterday. She did an excellent blowjob. Meanwhile she felt Joe penetrating her pussy and fucking her hard. He also injected something into her butt, which made Sonia extremely nervous. What was he doing?

The two sons fucked their beautiful mother intensely. Joe’s loins smacked against her buttocks every time he reached bottom and Mike throat fucked his mom without allowing her much air. Sonia was getting quite dizzy. Suddenly Joe lay down on the bed and ordered her to sit on his cock, which she did obediently. She then felt Mike’s cock poke on her brown rose. He was well greased up and being unusually careful, her son invaded his mommy’s asshole for the third time.

“Mom, I have put a sedative into your ass so you will not feel much pain. I found it in your bathroom. Mike has the smallest cock so he will fuck you first. Take it easy, Mom. Remember you are a slut!” Joe grinned.

Sonia felt Mike’s cock force its way through her very tight sphincter but it did not hurt so badly. Actually it felt rather good which confused her. She could feel Mike adding more grease – whatever it was – so she was lubed very well. Now both her sons were fucking her good, Joe from beneath in her cunt and Mike from behind in her ass. This was much better than yesterday. In fact she got rather aroused by the attention of the two young men pumping her so intensely. Sonia began to moan.

“LISTEN TO MOM! SHE IS GETTING HORNY! SHE IS BEING FUCKED BY HER OWN SONS AND IS GETTING HORNY. SHE IS SUCH A SLUTHOLE!” Mike shouted and began to fuck his mother’s tight asshole really hard.

Sonia could not help it. So much sex yesterday and now this wonderful double penetration of her ever sex hungry body made Sonia cum violently. She screamed while her sons fucked her raw and her orgasm was violent. It made both sons climax immediately. Giving their mom an orgasm for the first time was a breakthrough. Sperm invaded her pussy and ass. OH GOD! THIS CAN’T TRUE! I JUST HAD AN ORGASM WHILE MY SONS FUCKED ME!

Time was late and they had to eat breakfast very fast. As usual, Sonia drove the kids to their college and then continued to the company where she worked.

Usually Sonia would have sex at least once a day while at work. Her male colleagues knew she was a slut and nymphomaniac who could not say no to a throbbing cock. But today she was ignoring all the naughty suggestions. She only allowed her boss to fuck her, as he was her boss. She had to keep friendly relations with him and her boys did not need to know everything she did. She stayed half an hour longer than the rest of the staff, sucking her boss and letting him pound her tight pussy.

At home, her boys had already arrived and was waiting eagerly for their mom – or rather, for their mom’s beautiful body. She was immediately ordered to strip, took off her clothing in the living room and was ordered to go to the toilet and relieve herself. But when she turned around for leaving Joe told her to stop. He picked up her panties and pointed at the cakes of sperm inside them.

“What is this, Mom? Have you been fucking someone at work?” Sonia looked guilty but desperately denied everything. She was ordered to go down on all fours and Joe inspected her pussy.

“Mommy, you are full of fresh sperm. You have been fucking someone recently. This can’t be from our morning sex. Who have you fucked, Mom? SPIT IT OUT, BITCH!” He slapped her butt hard. Stupidly, she kept on lying until her sons lost patience.

“Mom, you are such a slut and we cannot trust you. We have to punish you and get to know whom you have fucked. Come over here bitch!”
Sonia began to cry when she approached her eldest son and placed herself on his lab. Joe spanked her so hard that she screamed from pain. It was excruciating. Then Joe motioned to Mike that he should fuck her asshole. Sonia panicked.

“NONONO! I will tell.”, Sonia whined. “I was fucked by my boss Mr. Johnson. If I don’t fuck him I am afraid that I will lose my job! I am so sorry!”
“But you lied to us, Mom. You are such a dirty slut and such a liar. We cannot trust you and I have to punish you,” Mike said. He dropped his pants and showed his fully erect cock. “Hold her Joe. I will rape her ass without grease as punishment.”

After the painful anal punishment performed by her sadistic younger son, a sobbing Sonia excused to her boys for disobeying orders by fucking other men than them. But they did understand that it was important to keep a good relationship with her boss, especially as all three of them were dependent on her income. They allowed her to keep on fucking Mr. Johnson, but Joe insisted that his mother should ask for a pay rise for her whoring. Next day she did and got $500 extra each month.
“How often does he fuck you, Mom? 500 bucks does not sound like much.”

“Ehmm, almost every day”, Sonia admitted.

“So 20 times a month for just 500 bucks means $25 for each fuck. That is much too cheap Mom! We could sell you much better than this!” Joe complained. “You must get at least 50 bucks per fuck, Mom. That is our minimum.” Joe said.

OUR MINIMUM? Sonia thought. My sons are pricing their mom’s sexual service!

In the meantime, the local community could not understand why the very popular neighborhood slut Sonia seemed to have disappeared from the crust of the Earth. Men were wondering and so were many of their sons. The sons were asking Sonia’s sons about her whereabouts and were told that their mother was no longer allowed to stray as before but had to stay at home as a good mother. However, if somebody really missed her a lot they might be allowed to meet her again and enjoy her services, but at a price.

This information seeped back into the neighborhood and many men thought of the great sex they had had with Sonia. So did many sons. They would all like to meet her again.
In the meantime, Ms. Johnson, the wife of Sonia’s boss, was paying her husband an unexpected visit on a late afternoon. She was wondering what kept her husband at work for so long every day. The sight of Sonia in the nude sitting on top of her husband with his penis inside her vagina told Ms. Johnson why. Sonia was dismissed immediately.
Sonia had to drive home and tell her boys that she no longer had a job. She also told them why. Joe gave her a comforting hug.

“Don’t worry Mom. We have a Plan B. Instead of fucking Mr. Johnson you will fuck other men. You will probably know most of them already. We have done some market research and it seems that many of the guys you used to fuck when you were an uncontrolled slut are prepared to pay for your sexual services. They miss you and want to fuck you again, Mom. Doesn’t that sound great?”

Sonia was not happy about letting her own sons work as her pimps and turning her into a prostitute. But what the hell. If those guys really wanted to pay her for what they used to get for free it was their own choice. And she had no savings worth mentioning. So why not become a real whore until she found a new job?

“Mom, we have already arranged a party tonight with six guys. Three fathers and three sons. They pay 200 bucks each for you. That is 1200 dollars earned in just one evening. If they want to fuck your ass it will cost an additional $100. So we might end up in $1800! Isn’t that great Mom?” Mike was beaming from joy.

Things seemed to be out of her hands anyway. Sonia was released from her sexual duties this late afternoon as she would probably get quite a hard evening with so many customers, and she went to the bathroom preparing herself for the guests.

At 7 AM the doorbell started ringing and it did not stop before the all customers had arrived. Mike was the doorman and Joe had put refreshments – beer and coca-cola – on the coffee table. The guests were seated in the sofas and waited anxiously for Sonia. Joe collected the payments.

Meanwhile, in the next room Sonia had been tied to a buck that the boys had found in the garage. She was completely naked apart from her gag ball. Her big tits were hanging on each side of the buck. Her fuck holes were in perfect position for penetration and had been properly greased. She was scared. She was completely out of control. Sonia was a whore for her sons who decided everything.

Joe opened the adjacent doors in the living room.

“Please, gentlemen, you will find Sonia in the next room. Please relocate and enjoy the sight”.

The party walked into the next room and watched the beautiful and naked woman in bondage, so much ready for fucking. They all grew big bulges in their pants.

“Seniority first I presume. Fathers first. You, Sir, please begin”, Joe said to the guy that seemed to be the eldest. He immediately dropped his pants, went to Sonia and stuck his erect cock into her pussy.

“OHHH, SHE IS SO WET! What a great fuck! Sonia, I am so happy to meet you again!” The elderly man fucked her vigorously. A slippery noise from her cunt made it clear to everybody that Sonia was indeed very wet.

Joe pointed at his fixated mother’s face.

“If anybody wants to fuck her throat please feel free to do so. Just remove her ball gag. Are you the son of this fine gentleman?”, Joe asked a young guy and pointed at the man fucking his mom. The guy nodded. Joe guided him to his mother’s face and told him to drop his pants and put his cock into Sonia’s mouth.

“She is an excellent cock sucker! The best you will ever meet!” Joe removed the ball gag.

The young guy immediately dropped his pants and forced his throbbing cock into Sonia’s little mouth, while his father was fucking her from behind.
Father and son fucked the beautiful MILF and came in unison, filling her with what seemed to be endless floods of sperm.

Joe was in full control and guided the next father-son team into place. This time the son fucked Joe’s mother’s tight cunt and the father invaded her little mouth. They were a perfect tag team. Sonia moaned as the strong physical stimulation were building up her own climax. Suddenly her orgasm went through her body like a lightning and Sonia screamed in excitement. Her climax provoked both her fuckers to cum as well, and once again her orifices were pumped full with jizz.

The last father-and-son team entered the stage and immediately began to fuck Sonia. They switched positions several times and lasted for more than an hour before their sperm filled her up. She had had so many orgasms while they fucked her. They were incredibly good as a double tag team.
Joe raised his voice:

“Gentlemen, you have one hour left that you have paid for. Feel free to fuck her cunt and mouth. There are other options open for you, but at an added cost: Spanking and anal sex. This slut has a VERY tight twinkie and she HATES anal sex, so if you want to rape her for real this is the way to go. The price is an additional $200.

If you want to spank her beautiful ass you can do that, but only for $200 extra.”

Then Joe got an idea. Why not make an auction?

“But of course, only ONE MAN will be allowed to spank her and only one man allowed to fuck her ass. So who wants to be the lucky one?”

Joe cashed in $800 for the anal sex and $1000 for the spanking of his mother. He gave his tied up mom another sedative in her ass and agreed with the spanker that he could smack her bubble butt thirty times. Fifteen times with his belt and fifteen times with his hands. He started with his hands and placed himself behind the tied up mother of two sons selling her sexual services.


Sonia howled like a shewolf. For each beating her body flinched and her moaning increased. She had not known anything about this spanking. After fifteen beatings her ass was fiery red and her sobbing was loud. Then her attacker undid his leather belt and started whipping Sonia severely.

“AAAOOOOOHH. NOOOOOOOOOH! STOOPPPP!” she screamed, but nobody took any notice. On the contrary, her youngest son Mike placed himself in front of her and fucked her mouth while she was severely spanked. He loved to see his mom in pain. He injected his load into his suffering mother’s mouth as the last of the 30 merciless beatings were mutilating her red hot ass. It took a while before her screaming and wailing ended.

Now was the time for the anal affair. The winner of the anal tender was already standing behind Sonia, greasing his rather big cock before entering her tight asshole. Joe hoped that the sedative worked as well as the first time he tried it. He watched the stranger put his big cock into his mother’s anus and begin to force his way through her tight sphincter. His mom reacted in pain and screamed loudly. Hopefully, she would not scare away the customer.

On the contrary, the guy fucking his mother’s ass seemed completely satisfied with Joe’s mother’s painful reaction. He just fucked her deeper and faster, ignoring her screaming and begging. Soon she was silenced by cocks invading her mouth. Sonia was really FUCKED into oblivion that evening. The anal rapist seemed to last forever. He raped her ass for more than thirty minutes before unloading in her bowels. At that time Sonia had fainted.

Mike and Joe locked the door when the customers had left and hurried back to their naked mom, who was still tied up on the buck where all the men had fucked her. She seemed very exhausted and sperm was dripping out of all her holes. VERY SEXY! Within seconds both her sons had their big cocks inside their mommy, fucking her raw in cunt and mouth.

That night Sonia slept with Mike, her youngest son. He brutally fucked her sore ass once more and then forced is mom to clean his dirty cock with her little mouth, before he let her sleep.

The next morning Sonia obediently gave her younger son a good blowjob before she went to the bathroom. But Mike insisted on following her. He wanted to see his mom crab and piss, he said. He told her to sit in the bath tub and do her toilet duties. She had to suck his cock while she first was pissing and then afterwards did her crapping. Mike seemed ecstatic by watching his mom doing her dirty jobs.

“Mom, I want to piss in your mouth. You are such a dirty slut and you deserve it. Open up your mouth, BITCH!” He then urinated on his mother’s face and into her mouth. The yellow hot piss ran down her body and the tits and ended by her female organs, from where it dripped down into the bathtub where her shit was still lying. Once Mike was finished pissing he forced his mom to clean up his cock with her mouth. Then he ordered her to turn around so he could fuck her.

Sonia was fucked long and hard in her pussy by her younger son, while her body was drenched by his urine. “You are such a dirty slut, Mom”.

Suddenly the door bust open and Joe was in the bathroom.

“What are you doing to her?”, he asked his little brother.

“I am just fucking her and pissing on her.”, Mike replied. “She is such a dirty slut, so I wanted to see her crap and piss. And then I pissed on her. That is only what she deserves, don’t you think so.?”

Joe watched his mother who was drenched in piss. She looked beggingly at him.

“Well, you are probably right. Mom, open up your mouth so I can piss in you, you dirty SLUT.” He took hold of his penis and started pissing on his mom.

The sadistic sons showered their dirty mom clean and took turns fucking her tight but clean asshole.

The income from yesterday evening was a staggering 3000 dollars!

“Mom, this is much more than you made during a whole month at work when you fucked Mr. Johnson every day. If we can repeat this just four times a month we are going to be rich!” Mike said jubilantly.

To be continued.....

A Perfect Thunderstorm by ChantalXXX

"The most perfect thunderstorm." I said out loud to myself, sipping a predawn cup of coffee.

One of the advantages of a three story home on a hill outside of town is a great view out over the lake. I had not built the house, buying it cheap in foreclosure from the bank instead, but the designer had thoughtfully included a front wall on the top floor made entirely out of glass.

"It must be incredible to have sex in front of those windows, lit by lightning."

I turned, startled to hear another voice.

"The thunder woke me up and I needed my Daddy," my daughter giggled. I guessed that she had padded quietly up the stairs, perhaps not realizing that I was awake already, watching the storm. As a little girl, she had loved to climb into bed with her mother and I for comfort during a storm. Now she was 24, almost 25, home for the summer before heading off to grad school. The thought that this independent intelligent science major needed protection from a storm made me guffaw.

"You're no longer seven- and Mommy is no longer here to sleep between us."

"You know I always liked the middle best," she teased back.

Just then another flash illuminated the room. I saw her long hair loose over her shoulders, tousled by sleep. She was wearing a flimsy tank top and boxers for sleeping comfort in the heat- the downside of the big house being that air conditioning was impractical. Those shoulders were tanned from a summer spent outdoors. Her biceps bulged with athletic muscle, her long legs were just as tan; her belly was flat, peaking out between the bottom of the top and the waist of the shorts. I noticed that it was just as tan, and that a teeny jewel winked at my from her navel.

The fabric covered her chest, but was snug against skin. She had perfect breasts, like two half grapefruit, big enough to scream "I am woman", firm enough to stand proud without assistance from a bra. I felt my cheeks blush warm as I realized that I was checking out my young adult daughter's tits. I became more confused when I found myself noting that her headlights seemed to be on.

"It doesn't matter, because I'm not in bed," I finally managed to stammer, sipping my coffee in an effort to calm, my nerves. Instead, I choked on the hot liquid, spewing slightly. That made her laugh, deep from her belly, her flat washboard abs rippling, her tank top gaping to show cleavage.

'No tan lines,' I thought as I tried to turn away, but my eyes stayed locked on the display. 'Must have sunbathed topless while I was off at work.'

I suddenly realized that I wished I had been home to watch that, and wondered whether she went just topless or fully nude. Was I missing nubbin points raised to the sun, or those long limbs bare, leading to naked hips, dipping down to a forbidden triangle?

My eyes focussed on my daughter's boxers, wishing that they were more see through, so that I could determine whether or not she was shaved bare, or maybe had a nicely trimmed little bikini patch- I knew from watching her cavort around the pool that she had at the very least a well tended garden. As I sipped more coffee, I wondered whether I had been unknowingly checking out my daughter in those teeny bikinis all summer.

"Well, can we snuggle in here and watch the storm?" she asked, returning my brain to the moment.

Of course, it was totally possible for two people to watch the storm together without snuggling, but my brain was not working quite right- afterward, I realized that blood was already flowing down to fill my cock. She pranced over to the over-sized swivel chair I had positioned for the ultimate view over the city to the lake. My eyes followed, appreciating the curve of her thigh and the tilt of her hip- again, no visible tan line, even as the shorts rode up when she plonked into the chair, but the boxers were more fabric than her usual bikini, so that offered no clue as to whether she sunbathed nude or not.

"There's really just the one decent seat," she encouraged, but I think we can both fit."

"Well, I'm a bit big to sit on your lap," I chuckled, stepping across toward her.

"Bet I can still on yours," she replied, shifting into a corner of the chair, patting the space next to her left hip, her fingers almost caressing that curve.

It was then that I first realized that my cock was stiff, and that the next lightning flash would make it apparent to her- as would allowing her to sit on my lap. I wracked my brain for a solution, but my feet kept walking- and it was just a few steps to the chair.

"You probably can, but then I might not be able to see the action," I rationalized. "It's a huge chair, I bet we can fit side by side."

I was in front of the chair by then, and at that moment the room was illuminated again by lightning. My daughter was startled, almost jumping up out of the chair, one arm flaying against the front of my flannel sleep pants, lightly and casually brushing up against my hard cock. That made me jump, but I thought she would assume that I was also reacting to the light, not to her accidental touch.

The chair was a snug fit- she had to shift he right hip up onto the arm, and still her left hip was not just touching me, but was actually overlapping on top of my thigh. She reached across and silently took the coffee cup, daintily sipping it. In the dim light of predawn I admired her lips, so soft, so inviting- I gave my head a shake and told myself to stop with such thoughts.

The cup ended up on the side table to he right and she snuggled tighter against me as another bolt raced across the sky.

"Are you comfortable?" I asked as she settled back down.

"Could use a bit more room," she sighed sleepily.

She reached across and grabbed my right arm, guiding it behind her, around her shoulders, allowing her butt to slip into the gap between my thigh and the arm of the chair. I nuzzled my nose accidentally in the cascade of floral scented hair, which made her moan softly. She closed her eyes and settled her head on my shoulder.

Her right hand held my arm just above my wrist, but after a few minutes, she seemed to doze off and her left arm dropped beside her. It landed limply in my lap, where my cock, separated from her skin by a thin layer of flannel, throbbed. I wondered how she could not notice. To my eternal shame, I wished that she would sneak her long thin fingers an inch to the left, ease my organ out of my pants, and gently stroke my shaft.

Thinking her to be asleep, as I too began to doze, I could not resist using my left hand to nudge my cock free from the flannel, and wrapped my fist around the flesh that stood erect in the dark room. Just then, another crash of thunder followed closely by a brilliant slash of lightning struck, causing us both to be startled awake.

Instantly, I dropped my left hand away from my bare cock, but her hand automatically jumped in that direction, her flesh now rubbing the very member that had given her conception. At the same time, she released her grip on my right hand, which dropped directly onto the side of her right breast.

Her right arm came across my body, finding my left shoulder and dragging me tight for a hug. Instead of moving her left hand away from my erection, her fist gripped my shaft tightly.

"I'm scared, Daddy," she sighed, her lips almost touching my ear. The warm moist breath sent shivers through my spine, right up and out the tip of my cock, where the first drop of precum spurted onto her wrist.

She wriggled against me, still holding my cock in her fist, but not stroking it. The arm trapped between our bodies also kept her nipples from rubbing my chest, or her groin from bumping the throbbing head of my fat hard cock. Her naked thighs rubbed against mine, the flannel only heightening the sensation.

I found my mind half removed from the situation, thinking all these taboo ideas, but unable to initiate a response, or to draw a line and stop her from going further. And I had to admit, I did want her to go further, I did not want her to stop. A decade of watching 'barely legal' porn, and half a dozen years of sublimating my improper thoughts around her, and barriers were ready to fall. I was not totally overcome with lust though, as I recall thinking that this would go just as far as she took it, and no further.

She settled her head on my shoulder, snuggling tight against me, her hand finally falling away from my cock. In the darkness, I thought she might be dozing off again, that the moment might have passed. My right hand though had stayed attached to her right breast, and as she shifted, the back of that hand rubbed roughly along two diamond hard nipples. I felt the shiver flow through her body as she responded, her hips flexing. A womanly scent leaked into the air.

I caressed her left breast gently and then began to softly stroke up and down her back and flank, ending up cupping her firm young ass as she shifted and snuggled closer, the naked flesh of her left inner thigh brushing along my aching cock. The tip of my mushroom was sliding along the loose edge of her boxers, as if positioning to explore further, deeper, to seek eager young wetness.

My breath ruffled her hair. She turned her head slightly, her lips brushing the stubble on my cheek. She kissed the tip of my nose and giggled. Her tongue darted out and licked my nose, and then brushed my lips, which opened in response. Suddenly we were kissing in a way that broke all the rules.

Her hips were now humping against my erection. I knew how wrong this was, and that this was the last moment to stop things from getting out of hand.

Turning my face so that I broke the kiss, I said, "Daddy will hold you but as the adult here, I have to draw a line at that." "Silly Daddy, I'm an adult now too," she giggled, writhing harder against my hardness."Don't you think that when I'm off at grad school, I'll want someone to hold me during the thunderstorms?"

She paused, looking me straight in the eye.

"And that person will want to fuck me, just like all the guys I already fucked at college, and working life-guarding."

I suppose I had assumed my baby was no longer a virgin at 24, but the casual frankness startled me.

"I like to fuck, and I like being fucked, and that seems a fair trade for being made to feel safe." She continued talking, and twisting her pelvis against my groin. "since no one makes me feel safer than my Daddy. I think I'm ready to fuck him too."

"Are you sure? Because that's a line where once we cross it, there is no undoing it. Even if w just fuck this one time, it will change our relationship forever."

"I can feel how badly you want this Daddy. Don't fight it"

Another flash lit the room as she tiled her torso away from me, hands grabbing her tank top, freeing those firm young tits to my gaze for the first time since my daughter's puberty. The nipples were rock hard little pebbles of pink bubble gum.

Her hands clasped behind my head, dragging my mouth to her left tit. I tasted heaven, and then licked across to the right nipple, drawing it more slowly more deeply into my lips, testing her tolerance with a quick nip of teeth. Her groan told me that she had inherited her mother's lust for pain, and I bit harder. She responded with a gush of wetness into my lap, right through her boxers.

"I better get out of these wet things," she giggled. I released my grip and she slid swiftly off my knee, standing in front of me as the sky lit up once again. The noise a second later made her jump a bit, allowing me to enjoy the teeny wobble of those ripe melons. I barely noticed her hooking a thumb in either side of her shorts and edging them down her hips, but the stripper wiggle grabbed my attention. My baby was clearly no innocent.

Stepping free of her last scrap of clothing, my daughter started as if to fling the boxers across the room, but then she chewed her lower lip just like she had since she was two.

"I can see the smoke coming out your ears you're thinking so hard." I joked like I had a thousand times before.

She stepped closer, knees straddling my knees, and bent low, her nipples inches from my eyes. Distracted, I was caught off guard when she passed the sodden fabric of her shorts under my nose.

"Does Daddy like how sweet his baby smells?"

She glanced toward my groin.

"Oh, I see he does! Well, I wonder how he'll like the taste"

My chin automatically dropped half an inch, my tongue stuck out past my lips. As she rolled the shorts along my mouth, her free hand finally found where my cock was poking up out of my flannels, and she stroked it, firmly and confidently.

She shoved the fabric into my mouth, her eyes locked on mine, our noses almost touching. I could feel her warm breath on my cheeks as she tugged the panties, taking care to make sure I had a good tongue full, but as she asked, "Can you breathe?"

I nodded, and made some muffled sounds of encouragement. This made her grin spread even wider as her hand pumped my shaft faster and she bounced her wet cunt against my leg. That was almost certainly the first time that I had ever thought of my baby's vagina as a cunt- a crude, obscene object made for fucking.

Before I had much time to roll that thought around my overheated mind, she giggled again and rubbed he tip of her nose against mine. Her tongue then flicked out where her mouse had just been, and the next thing I knew, my daughter was kissing my face, while still stroking my cock. I felt her rock hard nipples press against my chest and then tantalizingly dance away as she swayed on my leg, not quite my lap, because she wanted access to my cock. My cock that badly wanted her to suck it, to fuck that cunt. To this point, she had been the seducer, in control, but I felt my blood rising to a boil, and knew I was about to pass the point of no return, to take her. here

I swallowed, tasting the musk of her excitement from her used panties as I allowed my hands to caress her tanned back, travelling from her shoulders to her ass. She moaned extra hard when I cupped her butt and squeezed.

Just then another lightning bolt lit the sky, and the thunder that rolled after made my baby jerk on my lap, her ass bouncing on my thigh, bumping against my shiny knob. My fist tightened instinctively around my cock, as if holding onto my life-maker for her dear life. As suddenly as it happened, it passed and she released my cock, which still stood upright between us. She moved that hand to one shoulder while settling her head on the other. Her thigh was warm in my lap, close enough to my cock that I felt her warmth.

"I'm sorry I jumped, Daddy," she whispered in a little girl voice. "You really do make me feel safe, but I was startled. I hope I didn't choke your chicken."

She giggled, lifting her face closer to mine, eye to eye, nose to nose. I just mumbled in response, my words absorbed by the fabric filling my cheeks.

"Cat got your tongue Daddy?" she giggled harder, her groin now rolling up against my cock. Her hips rolled, grinding her wet cunt against my aching cock. "Or I guess, it's the pussy cover that is the trouble."

Her fingers brushed my lips, easing my jaw down. She slowly extracted her sodden boxers from my mouth, making sure to rub the gusset against my lower lip a bit extra as she finished. Her tongue dashed out of her mouth and licked her own fluid off my lip, pausing briefly to tease my teeth. As she licked, her hips rolled against my thighs and my cock was trapped between our bodies.

"My cock feels fine," I shocked myself by using the common vulgar term for the organ which had spurted the seed that grew this vixen, but there it was, that word, hanging in the air between us.

"Fine? What sort of word is that?" she pulled her body back a touch, allowing her arm room to move and squeezed my balls hard. "MY Daddy taught me that if I used weak words like that in essays, he would spank me."

She chuckled from her belly. I had never spanked her, but perhaps had threatened it a few times.

"Something tells me that you would have enjoyed that too much to learn a lesson."

Mmmmm...maybe," she moaned, nibbling my ear. "But back to your cock- it is a beautiful cock, not just a fine cock- though I am sure it does the job just fine."

She was still speaking in some conditional grammatical sense, not yet admitting that we were about to fuck, but her fist had resumed pumping my shaft.

The next bolt of lightning was weak, and the thunder seemed more distant. Rain now beat hard against the glass, leaving us enclosed in the barely lit room. I wondered whether she might decide it was safe to return to her room, in which case, would she masturbate. I wished that I could watch that. Or maybe she would still want to crawl into bed with her Daddy. For now, she seemed content to curl up with me in the chair, and I wondered if we might doze off, but her lips and teeth continued to explore my ears, my neck, my shoulder. Her palm stayed loose around my cock, giving it a tiny tweak just often enough to keep me hard.

"Your cock is bigger than I imagined, Daddy," she giggled. "Yes, Daddy, your naughty daughter masturbates herself to sleep almost every night and dreams about big fat hard cocks, and the one she likes to dream about most is yours. And now, I have it for real. My dreams will be so much better after tonight."

Her hand slid halfway down my shaft, and then back up, her palm surrounding my head. She then lifted her hand to her mouth and licked, slowly, her eyes locked on mine as I saw my precum coat her lips, her tongue.

"In my dreams, Daddy, your cock is always the biggest, and tastes the best," she continued. "I don't have much to compare to, but it sure does taste great so far, and should be more than filling enough."

Every nerve ending in my body was humming with more electricity than the storm outside supplied. A fresh lightning bolt lit the distant sky, as if offering me a recharge. I tried not to think about her final words, the suggestion that I might fill my baby, in case it was a tease, but could not help wondering whether she wanted her mouth filled, or her cunt, or both.

She began to move her hips harder on faster against my leg. "Hold me tight, Daddy, I'm scared."

I complied, wrapping arms around her back, feeling her tits tight against my chest. She brushed her cheek against mine, and then her tongue teased my mouth open, initiating a deep kiss.

My cock throbbed, trapped between our bodies. It yearned to be buried deep inside that womb, inch by inch. I no longer doubted that we should fuck, but still was unsure whether to just lift her onto my hardness right in the chair, or to snuggle in bed and fuck her rear entry, that delicious ass pressing into my groin, my arms holding her tight, fingers teasing her tits, tugging her nipples.

I was hard, she was wet.

"I want you inside me," she breathed, removing any doubt, knowing that as the adult, I needed her consent before I violated this most sacred bond. Now, I knew, we would form a new union.

She shifted her hips slightly, moving with intent, then she lifted her body, still pressing her nipples against me. She felt so soft and warm. The tip of my cock was tracing along her taint. Electricity flowed between us as much as it was lighting up the sky. I kissed along the side of her neck, not trusting myself to talk, as the room lit again from a lightning bolt. She jolted slightly, grabbing two fistfuls of my hair, and gasped, covering her fright by sticking her tongue down my throat. Settling back down after being startled, her ass slid back along my thighs and finally, my cock slid effortlessly up inside her cunt entering her completely in one continuous motion. Our bodies were fused together from chest to groin by the heat the passion and the sweat. Her breathing was hard and fast, driving her nipples against my flesh.

We held each other tightly, my motionless cock en-gloved in her hungry pulsating cunt, kissing each other passionately for what might have been a few seconds, but seemed like an eternity.

"I've never wanted a cock more than I want yours right now," she sighed as she came up for air. She began to fuck me hard, bouncing her hips on my lap, fast and hard. I grabbed firmly onto her ass with both hands and began to give me the pounding of a lifetime, ramming every inch of my cock hard up into her as she thrust back meeting each stroke.

"I can feel every inch of your cock deep inside me," she cried out, breaking the kiss and throwing her head back, pressing her pelvis even harder against me from a fresh angle. Her cunt squeezed tightly around my shaft with each downward thrust, and at the end of each contraction as her muscles relaxed just ever so slightly, I began pushing up to meet her thrusts more rapidly. I could feel the pleasure coursing through her wherever our skin touched, as if the electricity from the storm was flowing through us. I wanted this to last as long as possible, to give my baby as much pleasure as possible.

A few minutes later, she cried out in orgasm, her climax making her whole body quiver. She pulled my mouth to hers and first stuck her tongue deep inside, and then bit down hard on my lip. I held her tight, feeling the tremors slowly subsiding, her quim still clenching my cock.

" haven't cum yet, Daddy," she whispered as she settled her head back on my shoulder.

I ran my fingers through her hair, and caressed her back, calming her.

"This isn't about me, baby girl, it is all about you, about making you feel safe, about making you know how much I love you, about your pleasure..."

She rewarded me with another chuckle from deep in her belly.

"But sharing that pleasure would just give me more pleasure Daddy," she explained, her voice suddenly reminding me of the little girl she had been just a few years ago, and once again I worried about having taking advantage of her vulnerability. My cock started to wilt.

"Oh, no, Daddy, that will never do," she spoke emphatically, and then paused, chewing her lip in a characteristic manner that reminded me of when she was about three, learning to tie shoelaces, or a bit later riding her first bike, and more recently, driving a car.

"I know," she sat bolt upright, my semi-turgid member still trapped in her womb. "What would really add to my pleasure right now is finding out how I taste on my Daddy's cock."

She must have seen the shock in my eyes.

"Oh, poor Daddy- not wanting to know that your baby girl loves the feel of a nice fat cock like Daddy's getting good and hard in her mouth. Well, I do, and I'm not ashamed of it. But since I make the guys I fuck where condoms, I've never tasted myself on their meat. I think tasting that would be really neat."

Before I had a second to react, my baby bolted up off my lap, my cock making a soft "plop" as it fell free of her labia. She sank right to her knees in front of me. A fresh boom of thunder shock the glass as I automatically spread my knees wide.

I felt her breath warming my flesh as she took my cock in her fist and slowly pumped it back to fullness. Even though we had fucked, and that had to be the worst incest taboo, I still wanted to scream out to her to stop, as if her worshiping my cock orally would violate pour sacred trust even more deeply. Despite this thought in my brain, I remained powerless, unable to deny her. Whether it was my heart or my cock, some other organ was in charge and my brain had to accept that reality, because my mouth could not form the words to tell her to stop.

She took her time, planting tiny fluttering butterfly kisses inside my thighs, and even on my soft fuzzy middle aged belly, her hair gently brushing the tops of my thighs as she explored. I leaned back in my chair, eyes closed, and when something warm and wet was surrounding my cock, it took me an instant to register that it was my daughter sucking my cock, the cock that had birthed her, but also the cock she had just had in her twat.

As if reading my mind, she popped her head up long enough to comment, "Mmmmmm, Daddy, I've tasted myself off my toys and my fingers before, but off your sweaty flesh, I like my flavour best, I think."

I thought, 'Good, you've tasted yourself off of me, now just stop, please', but I was still silent. In the darkness between the lightning storms, I could just make out her head slowly bobbing up and down belly the swell of my gut.

"If you keep doing that, I'm going to blow my load," I finally found words to speak.

Her reply was muffled, due to her mouth being filled with cock. She must have realized this, as she quickly switched to licking up and down my shaft, fondling my scrotum, long enough to say "but Daddy, you deserve some satisfaction, for giving me such fabulous protection from that storm."

This was followed by another of her girly giggles. Continuing to knead my balls, she ran her tongue once up the underside of my shaft, rimming my helmet and then took me back into her mouth, sinking her throat deep to bury her nose in my grey pubes. She started bobbing up and down, each pass a different depth, as if toying with me.

The pleasure we were sharing made my whole body hum in response, but soon I was forced to focus on my groin, because my balls were contracted tightly, and I knew I would come soon. My baby had not said anything about swallowing. I tried to tap her head, in a signal I vaguely recalled from long past single sex. She not only ignored me, she slid a digit along my taint. My hips lifted in automatic reaction, and my daughter's finger slid smoothly past my rosebud and stimulated my prostate, causing me to spurt great gobs of goo into her warm, wet mouth. I felt her throat convulse as she swallowed until my climax subsided.

"Daddy, you taste even better than I expected," she said excitedly as she lifted upwards, her eyes dancing, her tongue flicking across her lower lip to capture a stray string of my seed. I watched her throat muscles as that spunk slid to her belly.

In the next moment, my baby slowly lowered her mouth to my belly and began licking her way up my body until she kissed my neck and snuggled with her head on my shoulder and her ass on my hip. Her fist settled loosely around my deflated member.

"Ummm... thank you? Is that the right thing to say?"

She just giggled in response.

"I feel like I ought to return the favour," I spoke, not realizing I was thinking that until I heard it out loud.

"Shhhh...not yet... the storm seems to have subsided but if I recall the forecast, we might get more in the morning. How about you carry me to your bed and hold me tight in case. Then maybe when we wake up, you can come inside me for the first time, and eat a nice fresh cream pie?"

She giggled as I stood with my baby in my arms and carried her towards my bedroom. I wondered how she knew about my love of cream pies.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning and mom was drunk again, or high, or both. It could be hard to tell with her sometimes. I was laying out by the pool when she came stumbling out to the deck. She had on oversize sunglasses but her unsteady walk gave away her true condition. I hardly bothered to look at her. She almost fell into a lounge chair next to me and spent a minute adjusting it so that she could lay flat on her stomach. Soon she was oblivious to the world, her steady breathing indicated that she was sleeping off another bender. I went back to ready my book and enjoying the warm sunshine. It was pleasant without being too hot out just yet, but I figured in another hour or so it would be too hot to be outside anymore.
Now I suppose that mom’s condition isn’t entirely her own fault. My dad was a drunken asshole who beat her a lot and eventually broke her ribs one night. She turned to self-medicating with pain pills and alcohol. Thankfully, dad never hit my sister or I, but he was a cruel son-of-a-bitch. He was killed in a drunken bar fight several years ago and at first I thought that might improve mom’s condition, but it didn’t. I guess she was too far gone by that point. At seventeen I was the man of the house and I think I did a pretty good job of keeping everything in order. My younger sister, Catherine or Kat, had just turned sixteen and so far had stayed out of trouble. She was spending her first weekend of driving freedom staying with friends up north.
Mom moaned and lifted herself up on her elbows.
“Jay…Jay, it’s hot. Will you put sunscreen on my back?”, she asked in a soft voice. I stared at her for a second, upset that she interrupted my peace and quiet, but nodded that I would do it. After all I still loved my mom.
I grabbed a bottle of sunscreen from behind me and turned towards my mom. She had undone the back of her bikini top which kind of surprised me. I squeezed some of the white lotion onto her back and she involuntarily jumped from the cold sensation. I began to spread it over her back and a curious thing started to happen. As my hands caressed her warm skin I began to see her…really see her. I found myself looking at a gorgeous woman. She was not yet forty, with high cheekbones, green eyes and dark brown hair, almost black. Her figure she kept in shape in our downstairs workout room. She weighed barely over 115lbs and had a diminutive 5’2” frame. Her chest, which I couldn’t see but knew from memory was a nice 36C which looked perfect on her. The smooth curves of her form reminded me of a race car. Suddenly, thinking about all of this I had growing erection as I lotioned my mom’s back. Her gentle breathing indicated she was passed out again, so I took my time spreading the cream. Wondering just how out she was I let me hands slide along her sides and I could feel the swell of her breasts as they lay compressed underneath her. My erection was now complete as I incestuously felt up my mom. Squirting some more into my hands I let my hands run down her legs and luscious thighs. Feeling bold I rubbed the inside of her thigh to where the cloth of her bikini bottom met her legs. The thrill was amazing and she didn’t seem to notice at all.
I sat back for a moment wondering what to do next. I mean, I’d just felt up my mom and she felt wonderful. I now had a raging hard-on which needed attention, but part of me was drawn to my mom’s body. The devil in me wanted to know how much more I could get away with before she woke up. I would like to say that I was a chaste son and went inside, or that I returned to reading my book, but I didn’t. Instead I paid more attention to mom’s body.
Checking to make sure mom was still out I ever so gently let my fingers play across her bikini clad ass. If she woke up I could always claim I was brushing away a fly or something. She didn’t stir. Feeling bold and horny I let my hand wander between her thigh again and pressed it against her crotch, forcing my hand against the crack of her ass. Again no movement from mom. Growing more bold and even hornier now I lifted one side of the bikini and gently moved in aside. I didn’t have the best view, but mom’s tight sphincter was visible and the lips her pussy were just there. I was not enthralled with her body and almost didn’t even care if she woke up. Taking the cloth I tugged it more to the side exposing her naked flesh. My cock ached in my swim trunks, but I didn’t want to take the time to free it.
With my hand on her thigh I knew it was crossing even further over the line but my hand inched ever so closer to my mom’s exposed ass. Gently, almost not even at all my fingers brushed between her ass cheeks to her tender, pucker hole. She shivered and I froze, figuring she would wake up and do who knows what to her pervert son for molesting her. After a full minute of me staying absolutely still her body remained sleeping. I pressed just a little harder so I could really feel her asshole. I thought a heard a small sigh and looked at my mom, but she still appeared asleep. I let my finger trace down her asshole toward her smooth pussy lips. She obviously shaved her pussy, which didn’t really surprise me. I had seen her camel toe before when she worked out. It wasn’t the first time I had felt up a girl, but certainly the first time I had felt up my mom. When my finger finally touched her slit I was in heaven. The smooth, softness of her cunt lips was amazing. I wanted more, but she was laying so that I couldn’t really do more without waking her. I settled for rubbing the little bit of her pussy that I could touch. Mom remained asleep, but her breathing was quicker and I wondered if she was enjoying it on some sub-conscious level. My own cock was screaming for a release and I took my hand away long enough to pull my swim trunks down so that my seven inch cock could spring free. The warm sun air on my balls felt wonderful. I replaced my hand between her legs and ventured to her pussy lips again. To my surprise I found them slightly wet. Was mom getting off on this somehow? I didn’t really care and continued to circle the moist spot with one hand while jacking my cock slowly with the other. Eventually the moisture built up quite obviously and taking a break from stroking myself I pressed more firmly on her cunt. My finger slid in, not far, but the tip of my finger had spread my mom’s pussy lips. There was an audible moan from mom when this happened. I knew I was going to be busted, but I was so horny I didn’t care any more. I pressed harder and ever so slowly my finger found its way further along her pussy slit until my entire hand was underneath her body. I really didn’t know what to do from there. I wanted so badly to feel her more, but I not sure that I couldn’t go any more without discovery.
As I pondered the question, the answer suddenly woke up. It was an almost imperceptible shift in her weight, but suddenly I knew my mom was awake with her sons had pressed along her cunt. However, she didn’t say anything or hardly move. Was she going to let me feel her up? I tested the theory by moving my hand along her pussy so that my finger could probe deeper into her cunt. She didn’t flinch or scream. In fact she shifted so that there was a little bit more room to work. Now enraged with hormones and the thought of her letting me finger fuck her I let my finger explore her even more. My digit stroked along her slit until I felt the hard knob of her clit. As my finger touched her sensitive point she audibly gasped and gave up any idea that she was asleep. I circled her slit with my finger the way that my girlfriend liked and paused for a second before doing it again. The on-again, off-again touch seemed to do the trick. Mom was gyrating her hips in rhythm with my stroking of her cunt. She was enjoying it that was for sure. I continued playing with her clit for another minute and her hips continued to grind against my hand. Suddenly her body tensed and shivered hard. I had just brought my mom to an orgasm. Her juices coated my finger and leaked out onto my hand. I gently pulled my hand out from under her body wondering what to do next. My own cock was practically dripping pre-cum with so much excitement. Figuring that it couldn’t get any worse, I dropped my short completely so that I was sitting naked next to my mom. A faint smile spread across her lips as I began to stroke my cock looking at her ass and feeling her juices along my shaft.
I was content to just jack-off but my mom had other ideas. Not pretending to sleep anymore, but without saying anything she lifted her hips off the lounge chair and slid her bikini bottoms off. I watched in amazement as she left her ass in the hair almost begging me to fuck her. I didn’t have to be told twice, that’s for sure. I positioned myself behind her and slid my cock along her outside of her pussy which was still dripping with moisture. I rubbed two or three times and then stiffened when I felt mom’s hand along my shaft. She guided me to her slit and pressed the tip of my cock to the entrance to her pussy. She really wanted to be fucked. I pushed forward with my hips and slowly my cock disappeared into her hot, wet depths. I could have cum right then, but stayed still so that the feeling passed. If this was going to be the only time I fucked my mom I wanted it to last. When I was in control again began a slow rhythm of pulling out and plunging in. Soon mom worked her hip in time with my thrusts and there was a loud smack each time I hit her her ass and my balls flew forward. She was moaning loudly as I fucker her pussy. I would have liked to go all day, but being in such a wonderful position to fuck my mom I had to blow my load too soon. I wasn’t sure if I should cum in her pussy or not, I mean, I didn’t want a kid or anything. I decided to play it safe and pulled out just as my cock began to spasm. Reaching behind her mom grabbed my balls and gently squeezed them as my cum coated her pussy, stomach and inner thighs. I blasted for a good thirty seconds before the tidal wave subsided.
Breathing hard I backed away from mom and sat down on the chair next to her. I didn’t bother even trying to put my shorts back on. She stayed with her ass in the air for a few seconds and then lowered herself down again. I wondered if she was going to say anything, but she didn’t. Instead she sat up and I noted that she didn’t try to cover her wonderful tits which were now facing me.
“I think I’ll go take a shower upstairs. You don’t have to stay out here if you don’t want to,” she said and got up. I watched her naked ass sway across the porch until she went inside. Her invitation was obvious enough and even though I knew it was wrong, I also knew I was going to join her. Leaving my clothes behind I hustled after her and joined her in the master shower, which was big enough for two or even three people.
I’ll admit that I was more than a little nervous following mom into the shower. I towered over her by nearly a foot in height and she looked so damn hot with the water flowing down her body and the steam billowing around her. I nervously stepped into the marble tiled shower and just watched my mom under the water. She had taken off her sunglasses of course and her eyes were a little red from the hangover, but otherwise she seemed to be in total control. I mean, I was a little worried that she had done all the stuff while high and would be mad when she came back down.
“Mom…,” I started to say, but she put her finger to my lips in such a sexy way. I guess whatever was going to happen would happen and we wouldn’t talk about it. My head said it wasn’t right, but my other head said it was okay and he won out.
Mom grabbed the sponge and poured a generous amount of body wash on it. She handed it to me and I understood that I was going to get to rub my hands over her body some more. I started with her neck and used the sponge to soap up her body. The soap cascaded down her curves and soon her entire being was covered it soft, foamy bubbles. I rubbed her back, butt (paying special attention to her ass crack, which I assume she loved because she practically stuck her ass in my face), and her shapely legs. To wash the front of her I stood directly behind her with my cock pressing into her lower back. I massaged her twin tits with soap and teased her nipples until they were hard. Letting my hands wander down her body I washed her bald pussy. Once she was all washed she took the sponge from me and spun me around. It was my turn to be soaped up. Mom mimicked my actions and started washing my back. I jumped a little as her small hands explored my ass crack but it was tingling too. She rested her tits on my back as she tried to reach around and wash my cock and balls. She was having trouble so I turned around to face her. Lowering herself to her knees she soaped along the length of my shaft which was semi-hard again and soaped each ball separately. When she was done she pulled me under the water will her and we took turns watching the soap disappear from our bodies.
All to soon we had showered, but I don’t think that either of us really wanted to leave the hot water or each other. As I stood there awkwardly, mom spun around and leaned up against me. I reached around and cupped her breasts and enjoyed the feeling of her clean, smooth skin against mine. Slowly my cock was beginning to harden with the intimate nature of our actions. I wondered what was to come next.
“We can’t let your sister find out you know. And just for the record, I’m not stoned or anything. A little hungover maybe, but not stoned,” mom said quietly.
“Okay. I…I, well uhm…,” I started to say something, not really knowing what.
“Listen Jay, what happened…well, it was fun, at least I hoped it was fun for you. It really shouldn’t have happened, but it did and I’m glad that it did. It’s just that when your sister is around or we’re just, you know, being us, then I’m still your mom and you have to listen to me. But when we are like this…well, then I’m more of your…I don’t know, just not your mom. Okay?”
“Okay. But either way, I still love you.”
“I love you too.”
With that last sentence mom turned the water off. She pulled me out of the shower but didn’t bother to grab any towels. Instead he pushed me onto her bed. I laid down with my erect cock sticking straight up in the air. Without a word, mom climbed on top of me and straddled my cock. I watched in awe as she lowered her clean, bare pussy to the tip of my dick. Teasing the tip of my dick against her pussy she moistened my shaft. Then she spread her pussy against with one hand while guiding my shaft to her honeypot with the other. It was an amazing scene, something out of a porno or something. Her small body took all seven inches of my cock and mom had a big smile on her face as her ass finally rested on thighs. I wanted to buck into her right away, but she stopped me.
“My turn,” she whispered.
Planting her feet on the bed on either side of my legs she lifted herself off my cock until just the head was inside her before dropping herself down again. The feeling of burying into her hot, tight snatch was wonderful. She began a slow but steady motion of going up and down on my shaft. Her moisture glistened along my length as she fucked me. I laid back and enjoyed watching her cunt lips part and take me each time. It didn’t take long before she had a furious pace of bucking up and down on my dick. I knew I was going to cum soon. I tried to tell her, but she either didn’t hear me or didn’t care. Suddenly the urge to spray my spunk in her was overpowering all of my other senses. I finally arched my hips upward hard just as mom slammed into me again. She screamed out in pleasure as a gush of my hot spunk flooded her love tunnel. Wave after wave of liquid cum erupted from my cock and I felt her pussy contracting, milking me for every last drop. Finally, mom flopped down on top of me with my softening shaft still buried in her pussy. We stayed that way for several minutes, each of us breathing heavily. Finally mom was shivering too much and I was beginning to get really cold as well. We were still damp from the shower and the air conditioning was making us chilly. We tried to crawl under the blackets so that my cock was still inside her, but it didn’t work. We settled for cuddeling up with my dick pressed against her ass crack and me holding her tits. It wasn’t long before the weariness of our love making caught up and we were both asleep.

Roofie Nights

By SquattingEagle

It was Sunday morning, eleven o’clock when I woke up. I like sleeping in, although I rarely have the time for it. I yawned and stretched my arms. I was still sleepy and a little drowsy, but as my brain was slowly clearing up, I detected the same yearning sensation between my legs I had frequently woken up with the last few weeks. I slid my hand into my panties and felt my pussy. It was wet again, very wet. So wet, the goopy liquid was literally oozing from my lips and soaking the crotch of my panties. My lips were a bit swollen and I felt very aroused, my body was telling me it needed a good, long and hard fuck.

Maybe the years of abstinence had finally caught up with me and changed my body, making my pussy extra sensitive and super wet. Instead of ignoring the urges like I usually did, I let my fingers roam a little longer along the slick opening of my vagina and then let them sink inside me. It felt good and I pumped it in and out a few times more. Before I knew it, my instincts had taken over and I was masturbating like a horny teenager. My soaked pussy made loud squishy noises as two fingers plunged in and out. With my other hand I squeezed my breast and tweaked my nipples. It felt wonderful to surrender to my body’s needs and within a few minutes I was having my first orgasm.
Climaxing on my fingers felt really good, but I knew it wasn’t going to be enough to satisfy the powerful yearning between my legs. I opened my drawer, pulled out my trusty old vibrator from behind my panties and bras and crawled back in bed. I put the cock-shaped toy in my mouth to warm it and get it slick with my saliva before I let it sink deep into my hungry vagina. Not even bothering with turning the device on, I gave myself a good fucking with the nine inch plastic cock. Within minutes I felt the first signs indicate a massive orgasm was building in my loins. I had to bite my lips to keep from moaning out loud, as I was careful not to wake my teenage son in the next room.
I moved my hand away from my breast and began rubbing my engorged clit while I fucked myself even faster than before. The orgasmic pressure kept rising and release was getting very close now; I already felt that tingling sensation that announced an earth shattering cum was imminent. Pushing the vibrator as deep inside me as possible, I felt my body go rigid and the tidal waves of orgasmic pleasure I had been craving for washed over me.
It was over a full minute later when the last of my orgasm was ebbing away and I found myself slumped down in that wonderful rosy state that followed a good climax. Without thinking, I stuck my wet fingers in my mouth, licking them clean of my juices.

Then, as I subconsciously tasted my cum, I noticed something was wrong. I rubbed my finger between my pussylips a second time, scooping up more of the wetness. It was a bit frothy from the vigorous fucking I had given myself, but it didn’t look abnormal. I sniffed it and found it smelled like my pussy, but when I tasted it, there was definitely an additional taste. It was a faint and familiar taste, but I could not identify it. Maybe I should visit my GP and have him check for infections on Monday.

I got out of bed, made my way to the bathroom and stepped into the shower. The first thing I did was to take the shower head, aim the spray of water between my legs and wash away the excessive amounts of lubricating juices. After that I hung it back on the wall and let the warm water cascade down my body, hoping it would wash away the drowsiness from my brain. It did, at least a little, and a few minutes later I exited the shower clean and refreshed.
As I toweled myself dry and rubbed my body with moisturizing cream, I thought of the things I had to do today. Luckily there wasn’t much. Daniel and I had planned to go to see his grandparents, but they had cancelled, so for most of the day I was free to do whatever I wanted. It was a nice day, so maybe I’d do some gardening or get some sun… But first I had to get dressed and fix the two of us some breakfast.
I put on a nice black bra and matching string and wrapped the towel around my head. As I walked out the bathroom, I saw my son’s bedroom door close quickly, leaving just a one inch wide gap. I knew the boy was looking at me, the peeking perv. I loved him to death, but he was at that age that all he could think of was girls. As inconvenient my recent fits of hornyness were, his life must be a hundred times worse. I don’t think I’ve seen him without an erection for months. However, there was no need to deny him a nice view of my firm ass as I walked away from his door.
Seductively swaying my ass, I entered my room again. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I heard Daniel softly groan. Which reminded me, I had to do the laundry today.

Stage 1: Denial

When I woke on Monday morning it was just like the day before, only worse. It was seven thirty, my alarm clock was screaming in my ear and I was feeling awful; tired, groggy and slightly nauseous. As much as I loved Sundays, I hated Mondays. I was honestly contemplating calling in sick when I felt that same craving in my pussy. I pushed my hand in my panties and checked for dampness. My lips were even wetter than the day before. I scooped up a finger of juices and brought it to my face. I noticed a slight difference in texture, but when I tasted it, it was distinctly different from my normal taste. The extra taste I noticed before was much stronger this time.
What I tasted was not pussy juice, at least not all of it. It was no infection either. It was something else, but it couldn’t be; I hadn’t had sex in many months. But there was no doubt about it; what I tasted was sperm.

I could not believe someone had entered my house at night and fucked me while I was sleeping. The evidence was irrefutable, but just to be sure I sank my fingers in my pussy again and examined the juice under the light. It was a cloudy goop, thick with sperm-laden male cum.
Instead of going to the doctor, I was now seriously considering to go to the police. But before I would see them, I needed to clear my head and gather some solid evidence. I decided to call in sick and get some more rest first. I told my son I wasn’t feeling well and told him to make his own breakfast and then go to school. I got back in bed and almost instantly fell asleep again. When I woke up, it was almost noon and I was feeling a lot better. I took a thorough shower, cleaning myself inside and out, got dressed and fixed myself a quick little brunch.
After I was finished eating, I took a tour around the house, meticulously inspecting every door and every window for evidence of forced entry. I found nothing, so the next thing I did was to call a man to change the locks. Maybe the intruder had somehow acquired a key to my home.
Feeling a bit more secure now, I went online and searched for a so-called nanny cam, a cleverly disguised camera that would wirelessly connect to a computer. I found a nice one that looked like a stack of books, which would fit neatly in my room without being noticed. I ordered the camera and it would be delivered within a few days.

I was just finished ordering the camera when the doorbell rang. I walked downstairs to see who it was. It was Daniel who had just come home from school.
“Mom, my key doesn’t work anymore” he said as I let him in.
I couldn’t tell him the true reason I had changed the locks so I improvised.
“That’s right honey. I lost my keys, so I had them all replaced” I lied and gave him one of the new spare keys. “Here, use this one”
“Thanks, mom. Are you feeling a little better yet?”
“Yes sweety, I think I probably ate something wrong. I feel much better now”
“That’s great, mom”
“Come in, I’ll make us a nice cup of tea”

That night, I went to bed early and still not feeling a hundred percent secure. I had a little trouble falling asleep but after a while I did and soon it was morning again. After I silenced the alarm clock’s unbearable shrieking, I was pleased to notice I was feeling a little better and more rested than I had the past two days. With a hand trembling of anxiety I slid my hand into my panties and I was relieved to detect just an ordinary amount of dampness between my pussy lips.
I quickly took a shower and cooked a decent breakfast for Daniel and me. I sent my son to school and went to work too. That evening, I made saltimbocca alla romana with green beans and oven baked potatoes, one of me and Daniel’s favorite dishes. After a wonderful dinner I crashed on the couch while my son was doing the dishes. I was sipping a small glass of the leftover Marsala wine while watching some old romantic movie. As he was finished with his chores, Daniel sat down on the armrest next to me. In his hands he had two bowls of vanilla ice cream with pear and a molten chocolate sauce. It was his way of saying “I love you mom”.

“Hmmm that’s nice, thank you Danny” I said as I dipped the spoon in the sticky chocolate and licked it off before it got hard again.
“Did you do your homework?” I asked.
“No homework today mom”
“Then come sit with me and we’ll watch this movie together”
“Is it a good movie?” he asked.
“Nope, it’s a terrible chick-flick, but you’ll have to get used to those for when you have a girlfriend.”
Daniel groaned unhappily and started to get up again to go to his room. I patted the seat next to me and asked “Please?”
Daniel sat down again, closer to me, a bit reluctant. We watched the movie in silence as we both ate the delicious dessert. When I was finished, I put down the bowl and waited for Daniel to be done eating.
“So.., is there a girl you’d like to watch movies with?” I asked carefully. I saw him blush a little, in a cute and innocent way. Daniel had always been very shy, although he is a really handsome boy with lots of friends.
“No mom, no girl. It’s just you and me” he murmured.
“Good, I like you with me” I said and let my head rest on his shoulder. We stayed like that for the rest of the movie. When the movie ended it was already close to bedtime so we went both upstairs. As I lay down in bed I had almost forgotten about the nighttime rapist and soon fell asleep.

The next morning there was again no evidence of sexual activity. Maybe it had been all in my mind or maybe changing the locks had been enough to keep the intruder out. It was a great relief; it felt like a huge burden had fallen off my shoulders.

Stage 2: Anger

Thursday morning I again woke up with a fogged brain and a sperm-filled pussy. I didn’t know whether to cry, get angry or finger my pussy. I did all three.

When I finally got out of bed, I grabbed the phone and began dialing the police’s number. As I was thinking how to explain my situation, I once again reminded myself I needed more proof first. After all, it was quite some time ago I had actually tasted sperm, maybe I was mistaken. I needed some real, solid evidence.
My work was suffering too and I got a reprimand from my boss for making mistakes because of my absentmindedness. I knew the man was secretly lusting after me; he certainly hadn’t hired me for my typing skills. Maybe I should just go into his office and give him a blowjob; that would put us both at ease.
Luckily, a package arrived for me that afternoon. It was the nanny cam and I immediately placed the device in my bedroom and installed the software on my laptop. After a little tinkering with the aim and focus, I had a good view of both my bed and the bedroom door. The image wasn’t the best, but it would be good enough to see what was going on.

That night I went to bed and immediately fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, the first thing I did was feeling my pussy. It was drenched.
I turned my laptop on and downloaded the footage the nanny cam had taken last night while I took a quick, hot shower. When I was ready, so was the video. With trembling hands, I pressed play.
I watched myself get ready for bed, lying down and promptly fall asleep. The nanny cam had also an infra-red camera, so even if it was pitch-dark, I would be able to see clearly what was happening. It wasn’t necessary however, as suddenly the light flicked back on. According to my alarm clock, it was only half past eleven when the door opened and the nightly intruder entered my bedroom.

Two young men walked into my bedroom. I could not see who the first one was, but the other I identified as Jimmy, the boy next door. I was really surprised; I had never expected to see Jimmy. He and my son hung out together sometimes, but I wouldn’t call them friends. Not close friends anyway. Like my son he was a well-natured kid, a little shy but handsomely built. However, there was no reason for Jimmy to be in our home at night, and definitely no reason for him or his friend to be in my bedroom. Nevertheless, here they were and there was no doubt as to their intentions.
The first boy now closed the door and turned towards Jimmy. Doing so, he was facing the camera and with a shock I recognized who he was.
My nighttime rapist was my own sweet and innocent little boy!

Daniel led the way and the neighbor kid followed him to my bed. I watched my son shake me awake and fold back the sheets. I was surprised to see I didn’t do anything to stop him from exposing me. In fact, it even looked like I was cooperating, letting the boys admire me in my negligee.
I heard Daniel talk to me, but couldn’t understand what he was saying. I went a few seconds back and increased the volume.
“Open your robe mom” he said.
I could see I was awake, but not completely, it was like I was sleepwalking; dazed and a little out of touch with reality. However, I was awake enough to obey my son and unbutton the front of my negligee. My firm breasts were now fully exposed and I heard the neighbor kid gasp as he beheld them. Years ago, when I still dated, men had always drooled over my firm round breasts and I felt a perverted sense of pride I still had it.
“Take off your panties now” Daniel said.
Again I complied without hesitating. I lifted my butt and slid the sheer panties down my legs. I let my legs fall open so my neatly trimmed bush was now bare and fully visible to the boys.
Jimmy craned his neck to see as much as possible. His pants were already bulging with his erection. I couldn’t see clearly, but it looked like Daniel’s was too. My son was rubbing his crotch with one hand as his other reached out and landed on my breast. His fingers kneaded the supple flesh and pinched the pink tip. He had my nipples erect in no time and I could hear myself moan softly.
Noticing my heightened state of arousal, he moved in and started kissing me on the mouth. I passionately returned the kiss and let my tongue wrestle with his for some time while he continued fondling me. Then he broke off the kiss and moved his lips down, via my neck to my sensitive nipples. He kissed and nibbled, apparently knowing exactly what I liked, getting me hotter by the second.
Finally he decided I was horny enough to move on to the next step. He opened his fly and pulled out his stiff cock. Then he grabbed my hand and put it around his dick.
“Suck it for me mom” he said.
Without objecting I did what Daniel asked and moved closer so my face was near my son's cock. He groaned with lust as my lips closed around his cock and I started to suck on the tip. Moving even closer, I swallowed his cock and took him completely in my throat. It was a trick my ex-husband had loved a lot and it was no surprise his son liked it as well. I let the boy fuck my throat for a while and then backed off a little so I could suck the head again.

While I was busy blowing my son, he pulled my leg further to one side so my sex was fully exposed to the boys’ view and touch. Daniel let his fingers run upwards from my knee along my inner thighs until they reached my steaming pussy. Tantalizingly slowly he moved them up and down the length of my lips, before parting them and sliding between.
I saw and heard myself moan as my son rubbed his wet finger over my clit. He started talking again.
“Do you like this, mom?” the boy asked. “Do you like me fingering your wet cunt?"
I let Daniels cock slip from my mouth, slurred a barely audible “Yesh” and started sucking again.
“Do you want us to fuck you, mom?”
This time I didn’t even bother removing him from my mouth and nodded while I blew him.
“Say it mom, say: I want you both to fuck my cunt”
“Ah want you bofh in mah cunt”
As I said those words, my son’s fingers found the entrance of my hungry pussy and pushed two fingers in. I moaned and eagerly started sucking again as he began fucking me with his fingers.

The boy next door now took off his shirt and dropped his pants. He was obviously very aroused too, as his big cock was pushing out the front of his boxers. A moment later this last item of clothing was also on the floor and he was as naked as me. It was hard to discern much in the grainy images of the cheap nanny cam, but I had to admit he had a really handsome cock.
He climbed onto the bed and maneuvered himself on my other side and prodded my mouth with his erection. I let Daniel slip from my mouth and started sucking the two cocks in turn. Not satisfied with having to share my oral attentions, Daniel got up and crawled between my inviting spread legs. His slender body blocked the view, but it wasn’t difficult to guess what my son was doing. He moved his hand down between our bodies and then he pushed his hips forward, obviously sinking his stiff cock into his mother’s pussy.

I heard me moaning as my son began to thrust his cock in my pussy. I know my own moaning, and there was no denying I was loving the two hard cocks that were violating my body. Daniel was fucking me with rapid, powerful thrusts, making me squeal out around the other boy’s penis. My one free hand was clenching my son’s butt, pulling him into me and making him fuck me harder and faster.
The boy next door was getting close to orgasm as he began fucking my mouth with his cock.
“Oh Mrs. Stewart I’m cumming!” he groaned as his body stiffened.
Right then my son forcefully slammed his hips into me and his friend’s cock popped out of my mouth, just as the boy started cumming. A huge jet of sperm blasted against my nose and forehead, followed by a second before I could stick the cumspewing rod back in my mouth. I wasn’t going to let him go again and kept sucking as he climaxed; I sucked and swallowed and sucked again as the boy obviously had one of the biggest orgasms in his life. A minute later, when he was finally finished cumming, he pulled his wilting cock from my lips and fell back against the headrest, temporarily drained.
I licked my lips, savoring the taste of his sperm. Then, with my finger I wiped the last of his thick cum off my face and sucked it into my mouth.

Now I could spend all my attention on my son’s cock in my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his butt, and I could hear me spur him on to fuck me harder and deeper.
Daniel grabbed my legs and pulled them up against his shoulders. I knew that in this position, my pussy would be extra tight and allowed him to push even deeper than before, making it even more fun for us both.
He soon had me squealing with joy as he fucked me for ten minutes and he actually made me cum on his cock, just seconds before I saw his butt clench too and I knew he was depositing his seed in my vagina. He pushed in as far as he could and ground his hips against my butt as he filled me up completely.
“Oh mom, you’re the best” he groaned and leaned in for a kiss, folding me nearly double.
Moments later he rolled off me and onto his back and I saw a glob of white ooze from my pussy.

The boy next door, who had been watching us and jacking his cock back to full hardness, immediately took my son’s place between my legs. I saw him fumble a bit, trying to align his cock with my vagina. When he finally found the spot, he plunged in and began to fuck in a frantic tempo. Thirty seconds later I saw him tense up already as he too shot his seed in my pussy. Unlike my son, he didn’t pull out when he was finished cumming, instead he started pumping again. He kept fucking me with the same rushed tempo, as if he was racing towards his next orgasm as quickly as possible. Taking control of the situation, I rolled him on his back so I was on top and thus able to direct the movements of our bodies. I fucked the boy for a few more minutes, grinding my clit into his coarse pubes and rocking my hips back and forth, while he lay back and enjoyed the view and the powerful sensations in his cock

Daniel was having me suck his cock hard again while he watched me ride his friend. Once again I was being stuffed at both ends and I loved it. It was too bad Jimmy only lasted a few minutes before he clenched up for a third time and groaned that he was cumming.
After his friend was finally finished squirting his stuff in me, my son told me it was his turn again.
“Mom, get on your knees and bend over” he told me.
I watched in disbelieve how I climbed off the boy and got on my hands and knees, presenting my upturned ass to my son. He got behind me, grabbed his cock and pushed it back in my pussy. I moaned again as Daniel started to fuck me with long, deep thrusts.

I had already been feeling quite horny when I woke up, but I was getting even more aroused by these images. My pussy was throbbing, begging for attention. My hands had found their way into my panties and my fingers were at my clit. I knew I was aroused, but It was embarrassing how incredibly wet I was. But, in spite of my arousal, my enraged brain overruled my pussy’s desperate pleads to be touched. Call me old-fashioned, but I could not get off knowing it was my own son who had fucked me.
In sharp contrast, the woman on the screen was having no difficulties giving in to her lust. I was pushing back at my boy with every thrust. My breathing was labored and my whimpers became moans. I could see I was loving this perverted fuck with my son. Daniel was noticing this too as he fucked me even harder, slamming his hips against my butt.
“Are you cumming again mom?” he asked, grunting.
“Yesh Dannl, ah’m cumming! Youh cock feels sooh good in me” I groaned. I could tell I wasn’t lying; I really was cumming hard on my son’s cock.
“Get on the bed jimmy” Daniel said “Let her suck your cock again”
Jimmy did as my son suggested and sat down by my face. Without hesitating I gobbled up his prick and started sucking him while my boy continued to pump my pussy.

There was a soft knock on my door.
“Mom, are you awake?” Daniel asked.
I glanced at the clock and saw I had to go to work in twenty minutes.
“Yes Daniel, I’m fine! Just get yourself some cereal ok? There’s milk in the fridge”
I knew I was a bit cross, but I was not ready to talk to him right now. Besides, there was no time for a talk either. I had been watching the video for thirty minutes and I had to hurry now. I couldn’t be late for work, not after yesterday’s performance, but I had to see everything that had taken place that night. So I pressed the fast forward button and watched while I got dressed for work.
I had to admit, the boys were incredibly inventive, fucking me in ways I’d never thought of. At one time, they were both fucking my pussy at the same time; Jimmy from below and my son from behind. No matter how angry I was, I just had to press play, to watch in normal speed and hear the three of us grunt and moan like animals. Once again there was no denying I liked what the boys were doing to me; I was absolutely loving every second of it, having orgasm after orgasm while the two teens fucked me in harmony.
A little reluctant I pressed fast forward again, as I really had to hurry now. When the boys were finished with me it was past twelve o’clock. They had been fucking me almost nonstop for well over an hour and, if I counted correctly, the boys had pumped at least eight loads of sperm in my pussy. No wonder it was still dripping in the morning.
Before they left, the boys cleaned me up, wiped my soiled pussy with a cloth and helped me get dressed again. Then they helped me in bed and exited my room. Seconds later I was sleeping peacefully again.

Stage 3: Bargaining

As I watched myself sleep, I deliberated what I had to do next. All my questions were answered, but replaced by many new questions. I now knew who had sex with me at night and how he got in the house, but why had I done nothing to stop them?
I had all the evidence I needed to have my rapist arrested, but I couldn’t go to the police anymore. I could never do that to my own son. Also, after watching the footage, I could hardly classify the sex as rape. Could it be that I was so horny from the sexual deprivation that I willingly fucked my own son and the boy next door in my sleep?

No matter how angry I was at Daniel right now, I was still his mother and would always love him. I decided it would be best to talk to him, tell him I knew what he did and how wrong it was. All I had to do was find a way to tell my son he had to stop fucking me, without destroying our loving bond.
That afternoon when Daniel came home I fought to find a way to start our conversation. It was without success, so I decided it would be better to wait for him in my room and confront him as he came in at night. I knew what would happen when I fell asleep, so tonight I was going to stay awake and in control. Steeling myself for the confrontation, I had a big glass of wine, but made sure I remained sober enough to not let myself go.
However, even though I didn’t remember falling asleep, or even getting ready for bed, the next thing I remember is waking up the next morning in my nightclothes with a powerful feeling of drowsiness and a pussy that was overflowing with sperm. How did that happen?

I turned on my laptop and waited impatiently for last night’s video to load.

I saw myself sitting on my bed, fully dressed and waiting for my son to enter the room. Ten minutes later my son entered the room, followed by his friend Adrian and a girl I recognized as Adrian’s sister Grace. Daniel was a bit surprised to see me awake, but he did not flee, nor did he make up an excuse for invading my private quarters. Instead he sat down next to me on the bed and draped his arm around my waist.
I slumped against him and giggled like a schoolgirl. He whispered something in my ears and kissed me in the neck. I did not know what he had said, but it must have worked, because the next moment we had our lips pressed together and were kissing like lovers.
Emboldened by my flirtatious behavior and the reaction to his kiss, he let his hand wander over my blouse, circling ever closer to my breasts until he finally reached them. I didn’t protest when my son was groping me, even allowing him to slide his hand inside my blouse and fondle my bare breast. While he did so, his other hand was pressing down between my legs, rubbing little circles on the crotch of my jeans. I could see me open my legs a bit more, allowing his hand to move between them and give it better access to my pussy.
Now Adrian sat down on my other side and started kissing me too. Together they lowered me onto my back and unbuttoned my blouse. My full round breasts were now uncovered and immediately the boys latched onto my hard nipples. Grace, who had been watching from a distance, joined in and started kissing me too. I eagerly returned her kisses and our tongues started playing.
My hands were busy too, feeling the bulging crotches of Daniel and Adrian. With a bit of fumbling I freed my son’s cock from its tight confines and started jacking him off. Seeing this, Adrian opened his fly too and pulled out his cock so I could masturbate him as well. With surprising dexterity I jacked both boys off at the same time while the three of them rubbed and kissed my breasts and body, kissed my mouth and massaged my pussy.

I was moaning, drunk on the kisses, pushing my hips upward, against Daniels rubbing hand. He took this as a sign to continue his conquest of my body and unzipped the front of my pants. His hands now pushed into the tight jeans, working its way back to my pussy. Unhappy with the slow progress he made, I lifted my ass off the bed and tried to lower my pants. The boys eagerly assisted me and soon I was lying on my back again, dressed in nothing but my panties.
Daniels fingers were back between my legs, rubbing my pussy through the thin cotton panties. I could see myself humping upwards again, pressing my mound up against my son’s probing fingers. Feeling my need, he pulled the crotch aside and plunged his fingers into my hole. While his fingers pumped in and out of my vagina, his thumb rubbed directly on my aroused clit. A minute later I was already having the first of a long series of much-needed orgasms.

Grace had broken our kiss and was now undressing too. The grainy image didn’t show much detail, but I could see the girl had a nice curvy body, with small perky breasts and a pussy that was shaven smooth. She rubbed her finger between her lips and presented it to me. Without hesitation I opened my mouth and sucked on her finger, moaning as I tasted her pussy. The last time I remember tasting another girl’s juices is over twenty years ago, when I was in my teens and experimenting with my best friend. I still remember how I loved the sweet taste of my friend’s pussy, so it was no surprise I was enjoying Grace’s taste too.

Seeing I was up for more, Grace crawled up to my head and placed one knee on each side. Then she lowered her pussy onto my lips. I could not see much happening, but judging by her moans, I was doing a very decent job of licking her pussy.
I was so absorbed with eating her out, that I completely forgot to rub the cocks in my hands. Unhappy with the lack of stimulation, Adrian got on his feet and presented his cock to his sister. Grace immediately opened her mouth for him and started sucking on his cock. It was obviously not the first time the girl sucked her brother’s cock.
In a way, this realization was reassuring to me, like it was a bit more acceptable to have sex with my son now I knew that Adrian had sex with his sister. If they were okay with it, maybe it wasn’t so bad?

While I was eating Grace’s pussy and Adrian had his cock sucked, my son crawled between my legs and pulled my panties off. He spread my legs even further and lowered his face towards my sex and kissed the lips. Even my ex-husband had never licked my pussy, though I had begged him for it and here my son was eating my pussy like it was candy. Although I could not see it and, sadly, could not recall it, I knew the oral pleasure he was giving was nothing short of divine.
I could hear high-pitched squeals coming from between Grace’s thighs, squeals I had not heard myself make in a long time, squeals that indicated an exceptionally good cum. All through my orgasm I never stopped licking her and the vibrations of the moans even added to her pleasure. Now it was my turn to make her squeal. With her hands in my hair the girl humped my face, her moans became more frequent and increasingly rose in pitch as my tongue brought her ever closer to orgasm. I could see her tense up, grabbing the headrest for support as she came.
Overcome with a most powerful climax, she raised her pussy off my mouth and sat down on the pillow, panting and quivering. Showing no compassion with the wracked girl, Adrian grabbed her in his arms and threw her on her back next to me on the mattress. Then he climbed between her legs and seconds later he was pumping into his sister like there was no tomorrow.

All this time my son’s mouth was doing wonderful things to my pussy and I could see he was getting me hotter and hotter. When I finally couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled him on top of my body and begged him to fuck me. I grabbed his cock and lined it up with my vagina.
“Fuck meh Danniel” I whimpered
“You want this mom?” he asked, teasingly rubbing the tip of his cock between my lips.
“Yesh, fuck meh now! Ah need it so bad, Pleashe”
Giving in to my desperate pleas, Daniel pushed forward and started fucking me with long powerful strokes.

Again I was getting really aroused by what I was watching. It was like I was watching a really hot porno and subconsciously my hand had found its way into my cum-soaked panties. My pussy was begging for attention but I had to remind myself I had to go to work in thirty minutes so there really was no time for that.
As I licked my fingers, I tasted once more the now familiar taste of my juice mixed with sperm, my son’s sperm and probably also that of Adrian. It was a delicious cum cocktail and I dipped my finger back in my pussy to get some more. Without me wanting to, I started rubbing my clit every time I went back for more cum cocktail and before I knew it, I was on the edge of cumming again. As I watched Daniel push his cock in me, I plunged my fingers in my pussy, matching the movements to those of my son, thinking how it was him that was fucking me right now.

Stage 4: Depression

All day I was on an emotional roller coaster. One moment I was incredibly horny, the next I was wracked with guilt. How could I turn from a loving mother into such a wanton slut? Why was I doing those horrible things with my son and why was I loving it so damn much?
These nighttime orgies really had to stop, no matter how much I seemed to enjoy them. I wasn’t angry at Daniel anymore, but it wasn’t right for a mother to be doing things like this to her son. It just wasn’t healthy. I didn’t know what to do and there was no one who could help me.

Daniel never gave any indication he was planning something. Nor did he give any signs of being a troubled kid. He did his homework, watched his shows and kissed me goodnight by ten. Half an hour later I checked him and he was sleeping peacefully. He looked so innocent and sweet, I could hardly believe this sweet boy was my nighttime rapist. But then, I could also hardly believe I was the same woman as the insatiable slut he fucked in the videos. I closed the door and went downstairs again.
With Daniel asleep, I could finally have some me-time. Late at night was the only time I had some time to myself, without any work, housekeeping or mothering. Just me, my books and a nice cold glass of chardonnay.
Speaking of chardonnay, I noticed the bottle was almost empty as I poured myself a glass of wine. I really did not want to get drunk, but there was only a little left, so I kept pouring. After I had emptied the bottle into my glass I made myself comfortable again. Then, as I looked at the glass, there was something that caught my eye.

There were little gritty bits of white powder floating towards the bottom of the glass. I realized what it was and it explained why I did all those things and why I never could remember any of it. With every glass of chardonnay I drank, my son drugged me with some kind of rape drug and then had his way with my willing body!
As I looked in my liquor cabinet, I saw that every single bottle had been carefully opened and some of them had a little bit of white residue on the bottom. The little bugger was taking no chances; he had spiked all the bottles.

I sat down on the couch again and thought about what to do. Finally aware of what was happening to me somehow made me feel more relaxed. Also I was relieved to know it was all Daniel’s doing, there was no blame on my side; I was still the loving mother I had always been. Everything made sense now and I knew what to do. I picked up the glass and took a big swig.

I wonder who’ll be fucking me tonight.

Stage 5: Acceptance


This is about a girl named Tara that was kid sitting a couple of boys for the weekend. Things got a little wild!

This story is completely fiction. None of the characters are real. It is of Teens engaged in sexual activity. If stories like this offend you please do not read this story.

Tara - 16 Troy - 12 Devine - 11 Trevor - 13

My name is Tara and I am sixteen. I am 5'5", 110, have brown eyes and brown waist length hair. I have been told I am a very cute and a petit girl. I am on the Blake High School Cheer Leading squad and on the school swim team.
I could have been out on a date but I was saving for a car but I was taking all the sitting jobs I can. I had just turned 16 and had not had time to job hunt yet. It was Friday night and I had a kid sitting job for the weekend. I was sitting for some friends of the family and they had two very active boys. The boys, Troy 12 and Devine 11 were always into something. Both were very active boys and were involved in Little League and Football at school. I knew they'd be a hand full but the job paid $200 for the weekend so I readily signed up to take it. I packed my overnight back pack with a couple of changes of clothes, a book, my cell phone, and a few snacks. I was dressed in black short shorts and black tube top with black tennis shoes to match. The temperature was 95 degrees outside so I was dressed for the weather.
It was 9 am on Friday morning and the Smith's wanted me there by 10 am. I didn't have my driver's license yet so my mom was going to drive me over to the Smith's house. The Smiths lived in a gated community about 5 miles away. They had a 5 bedroom house with a pool on a couple of acres of land. The house was toward the back of the sub-division against the green belt so it was kind of secluded.
I arrived at the Smith's at about 9:30 am. After a few minutes of talking about old times my mom left me at the Smiths. Jan [Mrs. Smith] took me to the guest room and then in to see the boys out by the pool. It had been a couple of years since I had seen them and they had grown up a lot. Troy was about 5' tall and Devine was probably 4'. Both had buzzed haircuts, were very muscular and, like me, had dark tans. They both just stared at me when I walked by. After their mom and I went in the house, Troy told Devine, "She hot! I mean smoking hot!" Troy said, "Yea just like some of the girls in dads DVDs!" The boys then went back to playing in the pool and Jan gave me the tour of the house. She showed me where the towels, snacks, booze, etc. were. She told me I could have some of the booze but not to get drunk since I am underage. She told me Jim was meeting her at the condo at the beach but that they'd both be back on Sunday afternoon. The only rules were the boys were allowed to stay up as late as they wanted while she was gone but had to be back in the house after dark. She said the neighbor kids could come over if I wanted to let them but that was up to me.
At 10 am Jan left and I figured I'd just sit out on the patio and read my book for a while. Before that I went back into the game room where the bar was and checked out the booze. There was beer, wine, Tequila, Jack Daniels, and an assortment of other "relaxing" beverages. I went in to Jan and Jim's room to look at the DVDs. There were the family ones but then behind a closed cabinet door there were several X rated ones. I figured I'd check those out later after the boys went up to their room for the night.
At 12:30 I went to the kitchen to fix some lunch. The boys were already there fixing TV dinners. I did not have to do anything for the boys, just be there for them. Troy said, "Tara you are really a hot babe now!" Devine, who is never at a loss for words, spoke up and said, "Yea you look like some of the girls in dads DVD!" Troy slapped Devine on the ass and they both laughed. I knew then the boys had been in to their dad's X rated DVDs. After lunch the boys went to their clubhouse they had built in the woods in the greenbelt and I went to the lounge chair on the patio to read my book.
At 3 pm I had not heard from the boys so I decided to go see what they were up to. I knew where the club house was from visiting with them a couple of years ago. I took the path and walked about 5 minutes then I heard the boys talking. I could hear Troy, Devine, and another boy. I later found out the boys name was Trevor. Trevor's family lived about a quarter mile away. Trevor was 13. I slowly crept around to the back of the club house and hide behind some bushes. I could hear just about everything the boys were saying. I heard Devine say, "Freakin A' look at her tits!" Troy said, "I'd fuck her, I'd freaking knock the bitch up!" They were looking at some Trevor's dads smuggled adult magazines one of them had brought from home. I could also see they were beating off. Their dicks were hard as rocks and they were pumping them like there was no tomorrow. Precum was dripping off the ends of their rock hard pricks.
Then Trevor asked, "Hey what about the bitch that is sitting for you guys?" Troy said, "She is so fucking hot! I'd love to get in her pants!" Devine said, "I'd fuck the bitch and make her bleed!" I was shocked at what I was hearing. The nasty talk really made me feel horny. I stuck my hand in my pants and started fingering my already sopping wet pussy. I listened to the talk for another 5 minutes or so then Trevor yelled, "Here it comes bitch, deep in your cunt." "Take my fucking seed!" With that he shot a stream of cum that landed on the club house floor. Then Troy said, "Here it comes Tara, you nasty fucking whore, take my jizz!" I could not believe that he was using my name! That just made me even hornier. Then Devine chimed in and said, "Yea suck it Tara, suck it, I'll cover your fucking head with it." He then shot a load of sperm on the floor. I thought he was too young to have sperm but the milky substance was either that or something else! Devine shot a load of cum in his hand and wiped it on some paper towels. With that I slowly crept away and went back to the lounge chair like nothing had happened.
It was about 4:30 now and I was super horny and wondered what I could do to maybe have a little bit of fun with the boys. I knew I could make them horny as hell and that we'd end up fucking but my fear was they'd tell or I'd get pregnant! Either one would be bad but I was so freaking horny or I had to do something!
At about 5:30 pm the boys came home. They went in the kitchen and fixed TV dinners for supper. I had already eaten and was in the family room watching TV. Troy came in and ask, "Hey Tara can Trevor come over for a while?" "Mom said it was ok to have friends over." I told him, "Sure he can, I'm just gonna hang out here." I knew I was going to do something to make the boys want me I just did not know what! The boys then went out by the pool.
The door bell rang at around 6:30 pm and it was Trevor. I knew who he was from hearing him at the club house but I had to play dumb since the boys didn't know I was aware of what had occurred there. I introduced myself to him and he to me. His eyes were checking me out. He was staring at my body and his eyes kind of stopped on my tits. I told him that the boys were out by the pool. He left his back pack by the door and went out with the other two boys. I left the sliding glass door cracked and heard them ask, "Did you get them?" He said, "Hell yea, I got some of my dad's. If we get the chance they should work." I was wondering if the "get the chance" had anything to do with me! The boys were doing dives off the diving board and wrestling around. I wanted to try some of the booze so I got a drink of Tequila. Even though I was under aged Jan had told me I could drink some if I wanted to just to not get drunk. The Tequila made me feel warm all over.
At 7:30 the boys came in and went upstairs. I crept upstairs and overheard them say, "Ok, that's the plan, we'll have a mini party tomorrow night!" Trevor left to go home at around 10 pm. The boys were exhausted from the club house and playing by the pool. I did not know what they had in mind for tomorrow night but I was sure I'd find out soon enough. I went in to the Master bedroom and watched a couple of orgy DVDs. That really got me even more on edge. I feel asleep on the the bed with a DVD playing and woke up Saturday morning at around 7 am. Devine and Troy were sound asleep in their rooms. I noticed that Trevor had not taken his back pack home but he left it in the hallway outside Troy's room. I thought to myself, "Hmmmm I wonder what is in it." I picked it up and took it to the bathroom. I unzipped it. Inside were an assortment of porn magazines, some Vaseline, and a half a dozen rubbers. I quickly put everything back in the back pack and put it back in the hallway. I went to the guest room and hand fucked my pussy until I came. I was so horny thinking about what the young studs might be plotting. It was driving me wild.
At 10:30 am I put on my swim suit [a beige colored bikini] and went out to catch some rays. Not long after that I caught the boys staring at me out of the sliding glass doors that opened up on to the pool deck. I made sure my swim suit revealed the crack of my ass and the top "accidentally" came off once. I knew the boys were catching it all and were probably beating off. At 11 am Troy came out and asked me if Trevor could come over for the night. I told him I'd have to check with Jan first. I called Jan's cell number and ask. She told me it was ok with her if I did not have a problem with it. I told Troy it was ok. Jan told me they'd probably be a handful to watch.
At noon I had lunch and so did the boys. After lunch I went up and got dressed but this time I changed into my super tight workout grey workout shorts and my gray tub top. I knew this outfit would probably get a rise out of them! Devine came down looked at my skin tight outfit and his jaw dropped. He said, "Wow you are a hot babe." I giggled and thanked him. I lay on my stomach watching TV and I knew Devine just stayed in the doorway staring at me. I had gotten a drink of Tequila and was a little buzzed. I was going to have several drinks before the night was over.
At 2 pm Trevor arrived. I stayed on the floor and pretended to be asleep. I had a half empty glass of wine sitting beside me. I overheard Trevor say, "I bet her pussy is super tight! She's been in the booze and I bet that's why she is sleeping." Troy responded by saying, "Yea I bet she is just as horny as we are! I hope she gets good and drunk. " They were both right! My pussy was tight and wet and ready to be fucked. I was buzzed but not drunk. Meanwhile Devine took the condoms out of Trevor's backpack and punched pin holes in each one. He had an evil side to them. He did not want to wear a condom and he really did not care who he knocked up. He then returned them to the back pack. Trevor and Troy then went upstairs. I got up and went listened outside in the hallway. Trevor was say, "Hey dudes there have got to be a way to fuck this bitch. I mean she is fucking smoking!" With that Trevor took out his porn magazines and the boys started to comment on the nude girls in them. Finally Devine said, "Hey maybe we drug her?" They snickered. Devine commented, "My dick is so fucking hard, I want to fuck Tara!" Trevor told the boys, "Hey dudes, let's come up with a plan...." Then Troy told them, "Dudes I got it. Mom's rule is it is ok to drink but not to get drunk! The Trevor said, "So?" Then Troy said, "Well Bozo she is already buzzed. At supper I will offer to fix her drinks for her and I'll make sure I mix it 100%. She'll be drunk. If we threaten to tell mom well I think she'll do what we want her to! All 3 boys liked the plan and agreed to it. Trevor commented, "Hey dude's, let's hold on to our jizz though. If we're gonna fuck her let's give it all to her! I want to fuck that tight pussy and dump all of my cum into it!"
I quietly went back down stairs knowing they were plotting to all 3 fuck me. I went out and camped out on the patio reading my book. The boys came down and told me they were going to the club house. Once again I followed them and listened in. I could not hear very well but they were once again looking at the porno magazines and beating off. I guess that is what boys do! They would get to the edge and back off. Then they'd do it again. Trevor shouted, "Have my baby Tara! You fucking whore!" I was so horny and could not stand it any longer so I headed back to the house. I was rubbing my soaked pussy on the verge of Cumming.
At 5:30 pm I went in and had another drink and a TV dinner for supper. The boys came in not long after and had their supper. Trevor noticed I had a half filled tequila glass on the counter. He offered to refill my drink for me. I thanked him and told him to put half water and half Jack Daniels. He took the glass and filled it with a little bit of ice and straight Jack Daniels. I tasted it and commented, "This is really strong, are you sure you mixed it half and half?" Trevor responded with, "Yea, just like you said, drink it up and I will fix you another one!" Trevor then told the other boys, "She's drinkin it. She'll be good and ready when we are!" "The bitch is probably nearly drunk already.
The boys went upstairs after supper and I did not hear from them until around 8 pm. Troy came down and the other boys soon followed.
Troy said, "Hey do you want to play a game?" I pretended to be and was a little bit buzzed and said, "Sure, what game?" He was staring right at my tits. My tits were swollen from me rubbing them. Well you'll be like a little slave girl and have to do what we say. I looked at him and said, "Like what kind of things?" With that Troy commented, "Well we'd all strip and you'd have to do what we say." I asked, "And why should I do that?" Troy then said, "Well mom told you you could drink some but not to get drunk. We think your drunk and we're going to tell mom if you don't play along. I looked at him and said, "Your fucking kidding me!" I pretended the Jack Daniels was getting to me and giggled then said, "You guys are crazy there is no way I am going to be a slave girl for you! I mean I am your sitter and your suppose to do what I say!" I then got up putting my hand on the counter to brace myself. Troy looked at me and said, "It's true mom fired the last sitter because she was drunk and she did not get paid either! If you don't play I'll call mom's cell right now!" With that he grabbed the phone and started to dial. I knocked the phone out of his hand and said, "For real, you'd actually call and tell her?" Devine said, "If he won't I will!" Devine picked up the phone and started to dial but I told him to wait. I looked at him and said, " I will play, I will play! Then I looked at them and said, "What kind of things did you have in mind?" With that I could tell their hard on's had doubled in size and they were super excited.
Trevor said, "Well you have to have sex with each one of us separately and together." I looked at him and said, "But I could get pregnant." Trevor pulled the pack of condoms out of his backpack and said, "Hey when we fuck you your protected!" Then he took out his porno magazines and said, "Hey that's the deal if you play we won't tell." The little basturds were blackmailing me. I acted like I was reluctantly agreeing. I then said, "Ummmm ok, what are the game rules?" Well we all strip and each guy gets to spend time with you doing something. For each round the time doubles until we decide to quite.....Trevor said, "We'll use the magazine to chose what we get to do to you. " Trevor said, "We'll pick a page number and we'll do what is on that page. Devine then brought in one of his dad's Teen Orgy DVDs and put it in the DVD player. The TV was situated so it could be easily viewed on the patio. We are going to fuck you in here and on the patio. It's 9 pm now and we will start at 10 pm. With that Trevor brought over the rest of the bottle of the half empty Jack Daniels bottle. He said, "Yea and you have to drink the rest of the bottle." I looked at him and said, "You got to be kidding." He looked at me and said, "You either drink it or we make the call!" I knew if I drank it then I would be ripped." He told me I could drink some now and the rest when the game started. He told me to take a big swallow now then when the game started at 10 pm I'd have to drink it in swallows until it was gone. The boys told me to dress in my black stockings, black tub top, and black panties and nothing else. I reluctantly agreed although this whole thing was getting more exciting as time went on.
At 10 pm I came back down stairs in the outfit the boys had described. The boys just stared at me their rock hard dicks visible in their shorts. Trevor said, " Ok, it's 10 pm let's get down to business." The boys stripped off their shirts and shorts down to their underwear. Devine looked at me and said, "Fuck yea, I'm gonna give you a good fucking Tara." The boys stripped off their under wear and their dicks kind of bobbed up and down. They were rock hard and engorged with blood. Their ball sacks were filled with baby making cum! I sat down and crossed my legs in front of them. The boys were just staring at me. Trevor looked at me and said, "Ok here we go!" He opened the magazine to page 10. I was a picture of a girl sucking a guy's cock. He said, "Ok Tara get to it!"
30 sec: I crawled over to each boy and sucked their cock for 30 seconds. Devine pumped his hard prick in my mouth like he was fucking a pussy. He said, "Take it bitch....suck my fucking cock!" My spit was dripping off of the boy's cocks. Devin said, "Man she is good!" Trevor took the bottle of Jack Daniels and said, "Ok bitch drink some." I took a sip and he told me to drink some more so I did. The boys were all drinking something that was making the drunk.
1 min: The next picture was of a girl's pussy being licked. I leaned back on a chair. Each of the boys pulled my panties to the side and licked my soaked pussy. I was starting to get beyond being horny. Then Trevor pulled my panties off and told me to spread my legs. Trevor said, "We want to see our little slave girl!" The other two boys gasp and their dicks got noticeably harder. Trevor let Devine pick the next page.
2 min: The picture was of a guy French kissing a girl while her pussy was being fingered. The girl in the picture was pumping the guys cock with her hand. Troy looked at me and said, "Come on girl, get to it." I first went to Devine. My mouth met his. He started fingering me and I wrapped my hand around his rock hard cock. It was so hard and felt hot to the touch. I pumped his cock until the 2 minutes were up. I did the same thing with the other two boys. Trevor then handed me the bottle and said, "Drink it bitch and take your top off!" I took my top off and the boys gasp. Troy picked the next page.
4 min: This time the picture was of guys sucking girl's tits while fingering her pussy. She was sticking her fingers in the guy's ass. Troy was first. He starting licking my boobs and fingering me. I was sticking my finger up his ass and was told to lick it. The shit from his ass smelled whenever I licked my fingers but I did it. Devine took his turn next and then Trevor. By now my boobs were really swollen and were red from the boy's teeth indentations. I was starting to get really drunk now. I was drunk enough to stagger when I tried to walk. Trevor handed me the bottle again. I drank another swallow.
Trevor said, "Ok guys time to go to the patio. I've got to piss really bad!" Devine and Troy said, "Yea so do we." They walked out to the patio and I could tell they were plotting something. Their cocks were still hard as rocks and they hadn't pissed yet. I watched in amazement. To my surprise they didn't piss but came back in and drank some more water then they had me drink a tall tall glass of water. I looked at Trevor and said, "What the hell is this, I told you I had to pee really bad?. I can't hold it much longer." Trevor told me, "Ok, remember your our little slave girl ok?" I looked at him puzzled. He told me to sit down in the middle of the see saw on the play ground. I did not like walking outside nude but I will admit there was a certain amount of excitement in it. He told me to lie down on my back on the see saw with my head up. He told me to dangle my legs over the side. Then he got the duct tape. I looked at him and said, "This stops right now! No way I'm gonna let you put tape on me!" Trevor told Troy to go get the phone. I knew I'd be toast if Jan found out I was drunk and I really needed the money. I yelled, "Stop ummm, ok....." Trevor looked at me and said, "Good girl!" Troy and Devine taped my arms under the see saw with the duct tape. My ankles were taped together under the board also. I could move but not a lot.
Up to this point the board was angled with my feet down. The boys then made the board go up and down. I was sliding a little but they had put one piece of duct tape around my waist and wrapped it around the middle support. Trevor then ask me, "Tara you gotta pee right?" I told him, "Yea, really fucking bad." He looked at the guys and said, "Ok guys tip her head down!" That was a really funny feeling. The he said, "Ok Tara go ahead and pee!" I looked at him upside down. He then said, "Do it or we'll tickle you!" I went, "OMG, no, let me up!" Trevor then started to come over to me but I just started peeing. Pee went all over my stomach up to my tits and was soaking my hair. The boys were beating off and Devine said, "Hey I have to pee and I need a toilet." With that they raised me up some and he straddled the board with his ass in my face. Troy told me, "Open your mouth slave! OPEN IT NOW." Troy was straddling my pussy. He then slowly put his dick up in my cunt. He started to fuck me but then let out and stream of nasty yellow pee. Devine was peeing in my mouth covering my hair and tits. I was gagging on his pee. After both boys had emptied their bladders Trevor came over and at first fucked my mouth then just sprayed me with nasty pee. "Trevor said, "How do you like being a toilet Tara? Your a fucked up toilet bitch." Next they took turns fucking my mouth and rubbing their cocks up and down my legs like a dog in heat. Their asses were bouncing up and down. Trevor said, "Ok guys cut her loose. I need to fuck her really bad." The boys cut me loose and grabbed my arms. They took me over to a lounge chair and lay me down. It was really getting late now and was about 2 am in the morning.
Trevor got the condoms and gave each of the boys one. He told me to spread my legs. Trevor rolled the condom down the length of his rock hard blood gorged dick. I spread my legs and Trevor slowly inserted his dick into me. He wanted to be in control but he was so horny. He started fucking me faster and deeper. His condom covered dick was covered with my juices. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him in deep. I wanted the feel of his dick in me and the feel of hot wet sticky cum even if it was in a condom. He rammed deeper into me. I was sucking his neck and clawing at his back. His ass was bobbing up and down and his cock was ramming my womb. The other boys were commenting, "Fuck the slutty bitch....Knock her up!" "Fuck her full of your jizz!" I leaned back as his dick slammed deeper into me. The head was hitting me directly. Devine came over and told me to open my mouth. He then rammed his cock in my mouth. He was fucking my face and loving it. Then they switched. Devine started power fucking me and I licked and sucked on Trevors rock hard dick. Devine's ass would bobbing up and down. His balls were slapping against my pussy and he was moaning. Troy was saying, "FUCK HER, FUCK THE BITCH." Trevor was close to cumming so he told Devine to let him fuck me. I was breathing heavy and had already cum once.
Trevor stuck his dick in me and started fucking. He went slowly at first then faster. He was trembling and I knew he had a lot of save up cum just waiting to be jetted out from his balls through his rock hard dick. Next Trevor said: "OMG I am going to cum! I'm gonna fucking cum!" He picked up the pace. He was pulling his dick almost out of me then ramming it in even harder. I looked and it did not look like he was wearing a condom. Ummm Trevor, "Whats up with the condom." With that he rammed his dick deep in me and let out and stream of stored up cum that could have been used to service 20 girls. When he pulled his dick out he rammed it in my mouth. The condom was gone. "Trevor" I said, "You might have knocked me up! OMG!" Trevor said, "If you are pregnant bitch you deserve it.....!" The condom had slipped off and was on the ground.
Next Troy wanted to fuck me but he let Devine go first. Devine rammed my pussy right after Trevor finished. I was pumping Troy's dick while Devine was fucking me. Devine just wanted to cum. In fact he stopped pulled the condom off and just started to fuck me. I was to drunk to do anything about it. Devine fucked me and came in a climax that was wild. He shot in me and on me then collapsed in my arms.
Troy waited until Devine was done. Then he put his dick in me and started fucking. He wasn't wearing a condom either. I was going to end up with all 3 boys seed in me. Devine sucked on my tits while he was fucking me. He was close to the edge and I started squeezing his ass. He yelled, "Take it bitch. Take my fucking jizz!" Then he literally exploded in my cunt. Sperm and pee were all over my body and on the floor. I knew I might be pregnant. At 7 am I woke the boys up and we cleaned the house. The boys made me promise to be their sitter again.
The next morning after being up all night we showered, got dressed, and cleaned up the house. Trevor went home. Devine and Troy went to their beds. I made sure the DVD was returned to it's case and the magazines were returned to Trevor's back pack.
Jan and Jim arrived home at around noon. Jan had to run some errands so Jim was going to take me home. Jan was going to be gone for a couple of hours. After Jan left Jim came out of the family room with an empty condom package. He ask me, "Do you want to explain this?" "Ummm", I said, "It is not mine! I don't know anything about it." Jim looked at me and said, "Hmmm, Tara, have you been handing out some pussy to the boys?" "You better tell the truth if you have because they are blabber mouths and they will tell me!" I told him, "No way I'd give it to the boys I am sitting for." He looked at me and said, "Are you sure, come on lets go wake up Troy." Then I panicked, "Ummm, Jim, uuuummmm, like ok look see yea we did it." Jim said, "Did they fuck you." I looked down and said, "Well yea, all 3 of them did." Jim said, "You mean there was another boy?" I told him that Trevor had fucked me also.
Jim then took my hand and led me to the Master bedroom. He unzipped his pants and said, "Suck my dick Tara. Suck me like you did the boys." I felt I had no choice. I licked the head of his dick then sucked it in my mouth. He pumped my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his dick head and my teeth gently scraped his shaft as his dick pumped in and out of my mouth. I gagged a few times. Jim finally was close to cumming and told me to lie down. He yanked my pants down and pushed his dick into me with one thrust. Ohhhh MG......I thought to myself, I am being fucked by the boy's father! Jim started increasing his pace and was going to pull out but just before he did I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him in deep. He tried to pull out but couldn't. Hot sticky cum bathed the inside of my cunt in the same way the boys had. Jim jerked his cock out of me and said, "You are a hot little slut, you'll have to kid sit for us more often!" I told him not to worry about me getting knocked up since it was during that time when I was not fertile......
Jim drove me home and well we'll see.
I got home about 2 pm in the afternoon. My folks were out shopping. I went to my bedroom and crashed.

Neighbors Wife by Big Daddy

True Story, Masturbation, Voyeurism

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Posted Sun 20th


This is a true story about my neighbors wife Gail. My neighbor worked offshore and would be gone for a month at a time. My neighbors wife would never leave home unless she would go to the store. She was friendly but didn't have any friends that would come over. I don't know if Ted my neighbor told her he didn't want anyone over while he was working or what. It wasn't my business so I didn't ask. My neighbors wife was a fox though, she was built like the old Brick Shit house if you know what I mean. My neighbor had a pool in his back yard but had a privacy fence. One day, I was walking around my back yard and could hear her singing. There was a hole in the fence so I peaked through. Man, there she was in her bikini getting some sun. This girl was fine, she was about 5'10" with long red hair, nice tits and a onion ass. If you don't know what a onion ass is, I'll tell you. A onion ass is one of those asses so fine, tears comes to your eyes when you look at it.

Well, I stayed by the fence looking through the hole at her. Man the more I would look, the harder I would get. Finally after a while, she sat up and took her top off. I have to say, that she had the finest tits and the biggest nipples I have ever seen. This girl was hot. I thought my cock was going to burst out of my pants.
Gail then sat up and started rubbing lotion all over her body, including those tits. I guess if my dick would have reached the hole I was looking through, I would have fucked it. I just couldn't stand it any more. I pulled my dick out and jacked off right there on the fence.

I noticed the whole time she was laying out, she kept fixing her a mixed drink. My neighbors did drink a lot. I finally went inside because my eyes were about to pop out of my head from peaking through the hole. I started taking a shower and was thinking about her laying there with those beautiful tits and them big hard ass nipples poking out, my dick got rock hard. I just had to pull on it again. After the shower, I decided to go back outside to see if she was still there.

I peaked through the hole but found that she wasn't in the same spot. I kept searching around and saw that she had moved to her deck in the shade. I could see the bottle of Crown Royle sitting on the table next to her and it was almost empty. She was laying on the lounge chair with her hand hanging down with the glass still in it. I could also see that she had taken her bottoms off and was completely naked. From the way she was in the chair, it appears that she passed out. I could see that hot ass body on that chair and her tits rising and falling as she breathed. Man, My dick was so hard I couldn't think straight. I wanted to get a closer look. I figured what the hell, I walked up to the back gate and grabbed the handle. I pushed on the handle. I almost passed out when I found out it was not locked.

I opened the gate very slow as not to make too much noise. I then started walking towards her and almost had a heart attack when the phone sitting on side of her started to ring. I just stood there and waited for her to get up and catch me. The phone kept ringing but she never woke up. After the phone stopped ringing, I walked right up to her. Man this girl was so fine. That clean shaved pussy was just as pink as can be. I figured that since the phone didn't wake her up I could get a little closer. I bent over to smell her pussy and it smelled so good. My cock was about to pop out of my shorts.

I got a little braver and fondled one of her tits. Man it was firm and the nipples were hard. She never did move. Her breath was heavy with alcohol though. I then started playing with both of her tits but was wondering about that beautiful pussy. I stock my finger in my mouth and then ran it though the crack of her pussy. To my surprise, I found her pussy was already wet. I started rubbing my finger back and forth through those pink pussy lips. To my surprise, she moaned a little and her legs opened. She never woke up though.

Here I was with a hard on from hell and my finger dipping in my neighbors wife's passed out pussy. I couldn't stand it. I guess because I was now so horny, I didn't care if I got caught or not. I pulled my shorts off and my dick sprang out. It was about 7 inches on hard, not to big you know. I eased my self up between her legs and put the head of my dick in ever so slowly. She never moved. I started putting more and more of it in until it was finally all the way in. I started stroking that pussy in and out with my hard ass cock. Man that pussy felt good. I started fucking her faster and faster until I was about to come. I then pulled my dick out and started shooting gallons of cum on her beautiful tits. Some of it even flew on her face and lips. After cumming, I grabbed my clothes and took off to my house.

I went inside and took another shower and changed clothes. After getting dressed, I walked out and went to look through the hole. It was the perfect timing because she was waking up. I could see her licking her lips and rubbing her chest. I guess she thought it was sun tan lotion on her because she just started rubbing it in. She then went inside for the night.

There is more to the story but it will be later.