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Her message to MEN
from openbook69 3 Years Ago 8765views

Wow I never knew that men are so much alike...where did honesty go in this world are we really truelly nothing but savages...idk with all said and done can't change what happend...but it was fun while it lasted..sad that he lacked one thing. .a communicate. ...I almost screwed myself by ending up with another Anthony. ..geesh guys learn to be more open ya never know what you might acutally have in common...jts...

Homeless or otherwise? Seeking a Female
from openbook69 3 Years Ago 5231views

I am a mature, divorced woman, who owns a nice house and is looking for male company on a *relationship* basis. I do not drink or smoke or do any kinds of illegal drugs. I am very clean and healthy, and since everyone has had to pass a criminal background check to live in my community, I'm good. Would love to develop a friendship and *relationship.* I live in a very safe area in a really nice neighborhood. READ THE BELOW PART CAREFULLY PLEASE. You would share my bed and we will respect each other's limits, whatever they may be. I am looking for someone who enjoys adult things, not just, if you will, watching TV, although I am not expecting you to want a lot of activity. You may stay with me rent-free if things work out, but when or if you can, you will be expected to contribute, even if it is sharing food stamps. For now, I can handle all normal expenses so you won't have to worry, You will NOT go hungry, I am non-judgmental, loving and nurturing. I have done this before with a younger person and it worked out well. Contact me if you would like to discuss. Thank you. PS: Not interested in wasting time with fakes. So, a PHONE CALL or Skype chat is required, and you must be local.

African Girls with Big Booties
from openbook69 3 Years Ago 2579views

Damn these African Girls are sexy, was stunned looking at such beauty, have to take a trip soon for one of these big booty African Girls.

Check out our photo section for thick African Naija girls.

African Girls

Ebony Banks
from openbook69 3 Years Ago 2425views

I personally think Ebony Banks is the baddest black female porn star on the market, love anything about this female, she just a bad amateur black porn star that know how to get down on the camera. Would definitely pay for a hit.

 Ebony Banks

Doing Porn
from openbook69 3 Years Ago 4860views

Wonder how families reacts when they find out there lovely daughter is doing porn.

Smaching your cousin
from openbook69 4 Years Ago 7168views

Who smash there cousin before? I did by accient, didn't know she was my 3rd cousin, yeah i stopped after the truth came out.

Fucking a Thot RAW!!!
from openbook69 4 Years Ago 4249views

I wonder how many people fuck thots raw, im sure after 5 to 7 fuck with the same thot ya'll niggas get comfortable and slide in raw.


That condom pop while you beating that ass doggystyle and you continue for a bit Lol.

SnapChat YesJulz's - Twitter YesJulz's Leaked Sex Tape - YesJulz's Miami Promoter
from openbook69 4 Years Ago 1341views

It was a small dick but she taking the dick, thought she was playing for the other team tho Lol. is the new WorldStarXXX
from openbook69 4 Years Ago 1195views

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Black Pussy on Sexy Cam Girl ⋆ Ebony Stars
from openbook69 4 Years Ago 1210views

cam 4, my free cams, live jasmin are some of the most famous webcam sites around. And between white pussy and black pussy, they have it all…

Can be a less orthodox way of making money but is becoming increasingly popular, joining at one side of screen performers, and on the other side interested in nudity…

The webcams are increasingly being used by thousands of people around the world as a way to get pleasure online.

The Webcams sites provide the opportunity to earn money in three ways:

Being a Model

The investment is minimal. Only a webcam and be comfortable enough to be ahead of her. In some webcam sites the model receives 40% of what the customer spend per minute.

That is, theoretically, if a model, for example, have three “customers” simultaneous online she can win a very close value of $5 per minute…!

Average hourly earnings are around $60. The most prestigious models could earn more than $20,000 (!) a month spending only part of their day in front of a webcam.

Being an affiliate

The affiliation scheme is similar to any other. That is, you place links and banners of webcams in your blog or website and if any visitor clicks and then do some spent on a web cam girl you won a share of that money.

The procedure is simple. Potential customers enter the site and have the right freely to choose models and view them online. If you want to talk or chat with them, you can register for free.

Then possibly want to see (more) naked or want to interact, if you ask them to do certain poses or more erotic content of gestures you will have to make a payment by credit card. Nice…

Being an affiliate, and recommending other affiliates

Here the gain is 10% on earnings that an affiliate, recommended by you, win. More nicer…

US webcams are increasingly popular because to some extent they safeguard the entity of models, often students or housewives who want to earn extra money by exposing their body on the internet.

The models can specify what state or country do not want to be seen. An American model may for example only accept “clients” who are navigating out of US and thus preserve their privacy…