Homeless or otherwise? Seeking a Female

from openbook69 3 Years Ago, 5205 views

I am a mature, divorced woman, who owns a nice house and is looking for male company on a *relationship* basis. I do not drink or smoke or do any kinds of illegal drugs. I am very clean and healthy, and since everyone has had to pass a criminal background check to live in my community, I'm good. Would love to develop a friendship and *relationship.* I live in a very safe area in a really nice neighborhood. READ THE BELOW PART CAREFULLY PLEASE. You would share my bed and we will respect each other's limits, whatever they may be. I am looking for someone who enjoys adult things, not just, if you will, watching TV, although I am not expecting you to want a lot of activity. You may stay with me rent-free if things work out, but when or if you can, you will be expected to contribute, even if it is sharing food stamps. For now, I can handle all normal expenses so you won't have to worry, You will NOT go hungry, I am non-judgmental, loving and nurturing. I have done this before with a younger person and it worked out well. Contact me if you would like to discuss. Thank you. PS: Not interested in wasting time with fakes. So, a PHONE CALL or Skype chat is required, and you must be local.