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Stripper Gets Invited For a Threesome
from openbook69 1 Year Ago 1323views

Threesome: how men and women view three way sex

What do they think of another man in bed, the male menage?

There is no unanimity as his acceptance of it, but the vast majority think the woman coming out with two guys a big slut.

I can not deny the obvious, the man is the woman your object of desire, that which “won” and belong to you, at least that’s how you think. How does this subject will find regular break bread with a brother? You will not even!

Just let us not get into the question of whether one can the other can also, because in addition to boring, does not lead to anything but the trivialization of a subject.

Out of ownership factor, we have another equally delicate, most heterosexual men do not like to brush with another. So there is always that weird business, two guys and a girl, all naked world. Awkward situation.

The solution would be to call a friend, but it also would remove the continuity of relationship or friendship. I can not bring a friend to dinner his wife and then get everyone living as if they had just played dominoes!

Man is an animal piped with a lot of things, really believe that if another eat his wife tastier and have the biggest dick, take the prize and will leave you with a brush in his hand.

It seems like woman enters the relationship with someone just because the guy has sex with her empathy. You can even get in, but it takes only ahead if you have other things together, factors that go away from the bed, as companionship, maturity and character.

Taking this into consideration, a man can lose his wife to another because of a threesome? You can, but it is unlikely, unless the relationship was no longer as it should or it’s a bad fucker.

I think not every fantasy must be done. To find out if it’s worth it or not just ask if you toparia end their relationship in exchange for it. But do not despair, can you travel without paying passage also, alas. In the case of male menage just buy a sale, comfort and use your imagination! Double penetration without moral hangover! Then just make it clear to the fellow who just fancy it. Please only a warning, instead of vegetables is in the salad!

What men think of another woman in bed, the female menage?

As a rule, almost all men dream about it, but when the woman decides, much of which escapes or chicken on Fox. You think not beat the fear of being outbid by another woman? Bate yes! Considering the amount of emails I get from readers outraged by the poor performance of its miscreants, they consider reasonable fear of losing his wife.

Personally I think the cool for three provided everything is very well spoken and people know exactly what can happen. I’m not one of the greatest enthusiasts threesomes, because would not find it nice stop sex with my partner to have sex with someone, but toparia to share it with the other girl if it were a desire it.

I believe it is in the minority, for what else I hear from colleagues who want the menage is who prefer to actively participate with the two girls, maybe if I had not emotionally involved with any of them might think differently.

I do not really think it would be a good sex with another girl in front of woman who loves me, even her to participate, who knows, I may be seeing where there is no complication, but I think this would only bring me more problems than benefits.

As each man finds one thing, I suggest asking indirectly on the situation, for example, after watching an erotic movie with a similar scene. Place a friend on the move, hinting that she made a couple, is not legal, it may be that the subject speak for you who found horrible or worse, go to see it differently.

Has much Muggle man in the world so do not recommend direct question, because you run the risk of annoying asshole who has.

How to convince her to do anal sex
from openbook69 1 Year Ago 1298views

Surely you’ve probably wondered what to do to convince your partner to do anal sex.

First of all, it is very important you know that (1) is a lengthy process that takes time, patience and dialogue; (2) before getting pleasurable anal sex hurts as hell; and (3) is not missing “unintentionally” the hole you will get her to give in.

First you have to expose their willingness to try the other hole, and then, from her answer, know how much longer will need. You also need to show her that the anus is full of nerve endings and can be very tasty this stimulus.

In oral sex, go to include kisses and licks in the area and try placing one finger at a time. Always with lubrication (saliva or lubricant gels), for your finger does not get dry, which will make her feel more pain.

As they are going through the fucks and she fit a finger, try placing two, always affectionately, and stimulating it in other ways for her to not just think that nuisance: suck it, kiss it, palpate her breasts with other hand. Always obey her time, her pain, her wait ask about. Think if it was yours, you would not like nothing, right?

When she feels ready, capriche in the lubricant and experience some positions to see which she feels more comfortable. Be sure to not shove all in one go, go little by little. And it may be that in this first attempt, you can barely put your head. Do not rush things.

Suggested locations: experience aside; her lying face down and you lying on it; her lying face down on the edge of the bed and you kneeling on the floor.

Do not venture to try anesthetic ointments so she would not feel pain in the sex – the result can be catastrophic: the anus will be anesthetized and your girlfriend without control of the muscles, which can cause an eschatological accident that traumatized the two parties.

Also, as it is giving in, ask him to do the famous chuca: in the bath, with shower attachment, she wash the inside of the anus, letting the water enter the relaxed sphincter, and repeat the procedure a few times.

Always have a lot of patience, not force the issue, do not against her will, and let it always very horny for it.

Good luck.