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Doing Porn
from openbook69 1 Month Ago 492views

Wonder who a families reacts when they find out there lovely daughter is doing porn.

Smaching your cousin
from openbook69 5 Months Ago 2765views

Who smash there cousin before? I did by accient, didn't know she was my 3rd cousin, yeah i stopped after the truth came out.

Fucking a Thot RAW!!!
from openbook69 9 Months Ago 3138views

I wonder how many people fuck thots raw, im sure after 5 to 7 fuck with the same thot ya'll niggas get comfortable and slide in raw.


That condom pop while you beating that ass doggystyle and you continue for a bit Lol.

SnapChat YesJulz's - Twitter YesJulz's Leaked Sex Tape - YesJulz's Miami Promoter
from openbook69 9 Months Ago 303views

It was a small dick but she taking the dick, thought she was playing for the other team tho Lol. is the new WorldStarXXX
from openbook69 11 Months Ago 306views

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Black Pussy on Sexy Cam Girl ⋆ Ebony Stars
from openbook69 1 Year Ago 339views

cam 4, my free cams, live jasmin are some of the most famous webcam sites around. And between white pussy and black pussy, they have it all…

Can be a less orthodox way of making money but is becoming increasingly popular, joining at one side of screen performers, and on the other side interested in nudity…

The webcams are increasingly being used by thousands of people around the world as a way to get pleasure online.

The Webcams sites provide the opportunity to earn money in three ways:

Being a Model

The investment is minimal. Only a webcam and be comfortable enough to be ahead of her. In some webcam sites the model receives 40% of what the customer spend per minute.

That is, theoretically, if a model, for example, have three “customers” simultaneous online she can win a very close value of $5 per minute…!

Average hourly earnings are around $60. The most prestigious models could earn more than $20,000 (!) a month spending only part of their day in front of a webcam.

Being an affiliate

The affiliation scheme is similar to any other. That is, you place links and banners of webcams in your blog or website and if any visitor clicks and then do some spent on a web cam girl you won a share of that money.

The procedure is simple. Potential customers enter the site and have the right freely to choose models and view them online. If you want to talk or chat with them, you can register for free.

Then possibly want to see (more) naked or want to interact, if you ask them to do certain poses or more erotic content of gestures you will have to make a payment by credit card. Nice…

Being an affiliate, and recommending other affiliates

Here the gain is 10% on earnings that an affiliate, recommended by you, win. More nicer…

US webcams are increasingly popular because to some extent they safeguard the entity of models, often students or housewives who want to earn extra money by exposing their body on the internet.

The models can specify what state or country do not want to be seen. An American model may for example only accept “clients” who are navigating out of US and thus preserve their privacy…

Man catches his girl cheating at the club and smacks her twice. No one helps
from openbook69 1 Year Ago 971views

Would you help this chick? I personally think the dude she cheating with should have stepped up, Why? Because she's getting physically attacked.


Hoe Tips (At Home Sexual Tips)
from openbook69 1 Year Ago 687views

have some ice cold soda on standby while giving head and take a sip every minute or so. you’re welcome.
make sure to swish it around your whole mouth
-ALWAYS pee after sex (This goes for everyone, not just people with vaginas. It helps prevent infection)
-Run cold water over your skin after shaving to seal your pores and prevent ingrown hairs.
-The plan B pill if taken correctly and quickly prevents up to 7 out of 8 pregnancies. And I promise it’s not as embarrassing to buy as it seems.
-Dab perfume on the inside of your thighs before sex. (obviously not too close to your crotch area.)
-If you’re sucking dick, put your hair in a ponytail, not a bun. (Shit will fall out in 2 seconds plus it gives them something to grab on to.)
-If your hair is all fucked up from sex and you have somewhere to be, argon oil is your best friend. It immediately helps remove tangles, makes it easier and quicker to style, and makes your hair look fresh and soft.
-Always have a backup vibrator if you don’t have a rechargeable. The batteries run out randomly and it will literally break your heart in two.
-Don’t fake orgasms. You don’t have to fake pleasure, if someone isn’t giving you what you need let their asses know. Communication is an important part of sex and you’re not helping anyone by faking satisfaction.
-Always use mouthwash before you give head
(BRUSH YOUR TEETH STILL LIKE A NORMAL HOE) Just dont brush right before giving head,toothbrush fibers have a chances of making small cuts in the mouth along the gums which makes it easier for Std’s to pass
Coconut oil is okay to use as lube and makes the room smell like cookies so that’s cool
Coconut oil is also great for shaving
Apple cider vinegar in ur bath helps to correct ur vaginal ph and that’s always good
Just so happen, if you end up bleeding by accident on the d, and you need to repair your panties: put your stained underwear in a mixture of ¾ ice cold water and top it with a ¼ of peroxide……mix it…….give it about an hour or two……let it dry……and ya got brand new, blood-free underwear
Coconut oil also temporarily stops a period of ingested.
if u get that dick real down in ur throat swallowing is a lot easier bc u barely taste it
or are these not the type of hoe tips we’re sharing here
+ when you giving head, specifically sucking dick, not only have ya water but make sure you not locking ya knees or tense; you will pass out if you do, trust.
+ I think y'all know this about making a fist with your right hand, squeezing your thumb in your fist can help if you’re tryna temporarily stop your gag reflex if you tryna suck that dick deep as shit
+ with the cold water thing after you shave ya kitty, if you can’t do cold water a strip of t-shirt in water as cold as you can stand works well, just press it on your vag for a little while until the shirt feels warm or room temp and rub in a bit of coconut oil or Shea butter and let it air dry or pat it dry (DONT RUB!!!)
+ everyone knows food contributes to how you taste so try to eat a bit cleaner if you know you’re bout to get the work and don’t forget to tell your SO or sex partner the same thing
+ also for plan B it only works if you’re between a certain weight so make sure you read the box and stuff before you buy it to take proper measures if necessary
+ sliquid is one of the best lubes out there. Vegan, organic, hypoallergenic works with toys and majority of it is safe if consumed. Plus they shit smell nice and make ya skin smooth as hell. They massage oil is A1

Adult Porn Stars Blackmail NBA Athletes
from openbook69 1 Year Ago 351views

Lisa Ann

A hotel tryst could cost an NBA player more than the cash in his wallet.

As adult film star turned fantasy sports aficionado Lisa Ann tells Complex, athletes have become easy blackmail targets for “actresses” in the porn industry.

“Most stories of NBA players getting hustled do not shock me since I’ve probably heard the worst from girls talking on porn sets about the things they do to players,” Ann explains.

“You would be shocked how many NBA players have been blackmailed in an effort to keep their privacy. My guess is a minimum of 25 percent of NBA players have dealt with blackmail at some point in their career,” she continues. “I’ve heard girls brag about long-term hustles where they have a player paying their rent and expenses just to keep them quiet and out of their family life.”

While single players are still considered prey, Ann shares that it’s the wedded stars who are the top of the depth chart.

“I’ve heard girls say make sure he is married or in a relationship before going back to his hotel with him. Once there they wait for their moment alone with his wallet and take photos of all of his credit cards and his ID. The final part of the plan is blackmail,” Ann adds.

Modal Trigger
Lisa Ann explained how, she believes, at least 25 percent of NBA players are blackmailed at some point.Photo: WireImage
Though ladies looking for more than love pose a threat to these athletes, Ann also cautions players venturing to strip clubs.

“Strip clubs are another common danger for young players. I know clubs tend to operate with the idea that most people don’t want to be caught there or going there. So they often scam credit cards and girls often steal wallets after a guy has had too much to drink,” she shares. “I have witnessed clubs shake down wealthy patrons that were drunk as well as set up ‘outside jobs’ where they have someone waiting for a patron to leave.”

Knicks guard Cleanthony Early became a cautionary tale last December, as he was shot and robbed leaving a Queens gentlemen’s club. As Early recovers and eyes a return, Ann advises that athletes looking to blow off steam should seek solace elsewhere.

“With hustles like this happening to regular people, you can imagine how much more likely it is to happen to a famous, naive, 6’8″ NBA millionaire. He’s like a neon target to these people, and the longer he’s at the club, the greater the chances sinister plans get set in motion,” she notes.

Lisa Ann

Your Ex A Porn Star??
from openbook69 1 Year Ago 358views

I'm saying from personal experience fucking a lot of females i know 2 of my ex would turn a porn star, that's why i like amateur porn because i know for sure one of them soon pop up.

You have an ex you think would turn a porn star? If yes, why you think that?